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Previously: the same clips as always were shown, plus the townsfolk caught a glimpse of a Chinese news broadcast, Eric dumped his wife, and Jake wanted to form a militia.

We open with Jake, Stanley, and some redshirts scampering through some trees while tense music plays. Then they're hiding behind a log, and Jake signals to Stanley. I'm just guessing, but the hand signals look like they might mean "gouge out your eyes or shoot yourself -- Jericho is starting." Stanley shakes his head. He's a brave man. Did anyone seriously think they were facing any kind of enemy after the clips of Dad talking about how Jake should train people to defend the town? Jake signals to the redshirt -- or, technically, redhat -- next to him, who's more agreeable. Redhat fires. A turkey squawks and flutters behind a tree. And another minute of TV time is flushed away. Jake sighs, "We'll get 'em next time. Let's get back on patrol."

Then Jake and Stanley are walking along. Stanley says that everyone's trying, and they certainly are.

Hawkins Homestead. Hawkins explains to Darcy that he decided against joining the turkey-hunt. Darcy admits that it'd be nice to have a turkey for Thanksgiving. If only they lived in farm country. Allison and Samuel suddenly wander in, and Hawkins asks if they'll mind doing without a turkey. Allison does a double-take and tells her father, "I'm a vegetarian." Samuel says he's glad that Hawkins will be there for dinner, and asks why he always missed Thanksgiving before. Hawkins says that he was away on business trips: "[Thanksgiving] wasn't a big holiday where Daddy was working."

Main Street. Mom is apparently helping to run a food drive. You might wonder who would be stupid enough, even in this town, to donate food when everyone seems to be depending on Stanley's corn to survive. That question is answered when Emily walks up with a box of donations. As Mom adds packages of cheese-based food product and soup to her pile, she asks where Emily got all this stuff. Emily says that it was in her garage: "Roger was such a planner you'd think we already had five kids." Wow, Roger didn't even live in Jericho and he was already crazy. Mom seems to think that stockpiling food for your not-even-conceived-yet children is reasonable, but she does sound dubious about the idea of having five children. Emily admits that she was planning on just having two, and then Mom gets bored and abruptly invites Emily to join the Greens for Thanksgiving dinner. Emily says that she usually goes to her aunt's house. Mom seems relieved. Maybe I'm projecting. Then Emily asks if the Greens still play football before dinner, and Mom chuckles, "There are some things even the apocalypse can't change." Then Gray passes by carrying a ballot box, and Mom mentions that the election is going to be next week. A week? Oh, right: if it's Thanksgiving now, it's been weeks since the last episode. Emily asks if Dad's nervous about the election, and Mom smirks, "Not as nervous as he should be." That's a weird thing to smirk about. Unless she means, "Not as nervous as he should be, considering I'm planning another murder attempt."

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