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Bailey's. Jake walks in and finds Emily playing pool with herself. That sounded dirty, sorry. He snaps, "What the hell were you thinking?" She says, "You could have gotten killed, and Jonah wouldn't have hurt me." Jake frets that Mitchell almost shot her. "Hell, we almost shot you," he adds, although he's the only other one we saw aiming at her. Emily harrumphs, "Back in high school you would have been right there with me." Jake says that they aren't kids anymore, which I guess means that now they shoot people instead of just robbing them. Emily smirks, "Why don't you just say 'Good job'?" Jake's all, wha? Emily smugs at him some more and returns to her game, and Jake can do nothing but flex his jaw in response. We cut away before he can say, "Okay, but can you tell us where you put the generator? And also, do you have a forklift?"

Dad's office. Eric's trying to drop off his gun and hurry to Mary, but Dad thinks it's time for a father-son chat. As they sit down, I notice a clock behind Dad set to 9:02. Aw, someone let the continuity people out of their cages. At least they have something to be thankful for now. Dad tells Eric that marriage is hard, and Eric sighs, "It's a little late for this speech, Dad." Dad says, "Well, fine, I'll just fast-forward to the next one. Fatherhood is harder." I thought that first bit was kind of funny originally, but now, I think about the second bit, and how it must have been for him raising Jake and Eric, and trying to run this insane asylum of a town, and no doubt desperately trying to cover up the evidence of his wife's horrendous crimes. Poor, poor Dad. God. Now I'm depressed. Anyway, it's Eric's turn to be confused as Dad tells him that April's pregnant. Eric processes that in the usual Green way: he stares blankly into space for a minute. Dad says that he wasn't supposed to tell, but he kind of thought Eric should know. Eric paces back and forth and says that he's already tried to "work things out" with April. Dad advises, "Try harder." Eric says, "A bad marriage doesn't get better because you add a kid." Dad doesn't say, "Believe me, I know," but he does agree. However, he also sternly lectures Eric that he can't just think about himself anymore. Eric does some more of that blank staring. Dad looks around, frustrated, visibly trying to figure out what to say, and maybe Gerald McRaney knew exactly what he was doing when he signed on to do this show, because you certainly do notice that he can act. And by "notice," I mean "desperately cling to the fact." So Dad says, "Son, you and April had the bad luck to fall out of love at the same time, but you can get that back!" Eric hangs his head and finally admits that he didn't ever love April: "I love Mary. And I have to trust that." Dad mulls that over as Eric leaves.

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