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Richmond Ranch. Mimi opens a first aid kit and pulls out a bottle as Stanley chuckles, "My old friend iodine." Mimi asks for instructions on how to apply the iodine to Stanley's cuts, which is odd. She starts dabbing at the cuts on his face, and Stanley winces and tries to beg off. Mimi insists, "The doctor said we have to clean the wounds twice a day. So please, off with the shirt." Stanley grimaces uncomfortably and then pulls off his flannel shirt, and based on the sound that makes, it fastens with snaps. Does he still wear Garanimals, too? Mimi smirks and says that Stanley's blushing, and he claims that it's a "reaction to the iodine." She dabs at the back of his neck, and Stanley gets fed up and starts pulling the shirt back on, and this just goes on and on. Eventually, Stanley suggests a different topic of conversation, and asks Mimi how she usually celebrates Thanksgiving. Mimi says that she and her mother go to a resort in Mexico and have mango margaritas. Then she starts idly stroking his shoulder as Stanley sniffs, "That sounds fun. Un-American, but fun." Then Mimi says that she's done, and Stanley pulls his shirt back on.

Jonah's doing some random workshop-y thing when Mitchell asks, "What's the plan?" Jonah says, "If I have to answer to you, Mitchell, we're in deeper trouble than I thought." Mitchell smirks that Jonah has to answer to "them," and then we see that quite a few other flunkies have gathered in the workshop. Jonah assures them that he always finds a way. He admits, "They outplayed us. Once. It happens." Mitchell corrects him: "She outplayed you." Jonah wheels and asks if Mitchell's mad because he didn't get to kill Emily. I can't speak for Mitchell, but I'm kind of bitter about it. Mitchell complains that Jonah let Dad chase him out of town, huffing, "You were taking orders from Gracie Leigh this morning!" Jonah asks if Mitchell thinks he can do better, and Mitchell backs down in his smirky way, and wanders out.

Gracie's. Eric hauls in a bundle of parachutes and asks if Jake wants to keep them. Maybe he should have asked that before picking them up. Jake says, "We can make some of those pants you used to wear in high school." Oh, that's an image I didn't need to have in my head. Jake looks at the chute, tears open the lining, and seems surprised when he pulls out a microchip. Yeah, that's something you'd find if you weren't looking for it. Eric wonders what it's for, and Jake says, "I don't know." Alarms go off and bells ring as Jake admits to not knowing something. Then he adds, "But I know who to ask."

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