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Cut to Hawkins, explaining, because that's what he does. He says that the microchip is an RFID. "Like a barcode," Jake confirms. So he's familiar with the term, he just didn't recognize one when he saw it. Eric asks how Hawkins knows this, and Hawkins says, "I read a lot, Eric." Hee. Hawkins expositions that the RFIDs are used to track inventory, and that only one military service uses them: "These chutes? They're from our Air Force." Dad goes over the situation: "Vietnam-era planes flying through Kansas airspace doing a Chinese drop, and they're using U.S. Air Force equipment to do it." Eric gasps, "In what world does that make sense?" "Ours!" Jake enthuses. Well, sure.

Richmond Ranch. Mimi descends the stairs calling for Stanley. She finds him in the kitchen and tsks, "You are not supposed to be up!" Stanley says, "I don't have a turkey but --" and then grins widely: "I do have tequila." He admits that he's never even seen a mango, but says he does have Tang. Wow. And here I thought the grossest part of a drink featuring tequila would be the tequila. He picks up some glasses and presents Mimi with what he claims is "the world's finest Tango Margaritas." I'd call it "Spee" myself, but that's a long story. As Stanley sips from his own glass, Mimi seems kind of impressed, or maybe she just likes the series of silly faces he makes after swallowing the stuff. He gasps, "Oh, that's awesome," unconvincingly. Hm. I wonder if that kills the brain slugs. I wonder if it's worth it if it does. Mimi sets her own glass down and pointedly pushes it far, far away from her. And then she and Stanley start smooching. Finally!

Casa Green. Jake descends the stairs calling for Stanley, finds him in the kitchen, gets a glass of tang and tequila, and then gives Stanley a big kiss. Finally! Well, fine, he just comes down the stairs. But I did think he was at the ranch for a second. Instead, what happens is that he comes into the living room, where Mom hands him a football and warns him to take it easy on Dad. Jake pffts, "Are you kidding?" He clarifies that he thinks it's weird that Mom's carrying on the old traditions like it's a normal Thanksgiving. Mom says, "We're holding on to these traditions because of everything that happened out there." Dad finishes tying his sneakers, and April is pulling on her coat as Eric steps in. Dad jumps up and brightly says, "Oh! Son!" Even Eric isn't fooled, or else he sees the look April's giving him, because he quickly announces that he won't be staying for dinner. He asks if he could talk to April for a minute. Suddenly, there's a vapor trail where the rest of the Greens were. April ties a scarf around her neck and sniffs, "So. It's over." Eric agrees, and then asks when she was going to tell him about the baby. She blinks for a minute, and finally replies, "When I knew it wouldn't affect your decision." She says she didn't want Eric to stay with her just because of the baby. Eric says, "I think we're the only two people that agree on that." He then says he's sorry for what he did, but that he can't "live a lie" anymore. He adds, "I'll do whatever it takes to take care of that baby." April chokes back a sob and asks, "Why should I believe you?" Which is fair. Eric says, "You don't have to believe me. I'll just be there." And, perhaps proving April's point, Eric promptly turns around and leaves. I mean, I know, but still.

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