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Hawkins leads his family up the generator, and gives Bad Cop the go-ahead. Bad Cop flips a switch and presses some buttons, and poof: a string of light bulbs start glowing over the street. They strung up lights. Okay. And a crowd of people has materialized. Or were they there all this time? Maybe they showed up early for Gracie's door-buster sales on Friday. Get an ear of corn for only three priceless heirlooms! The crowd applauds, the Hawkins family boggles, cue the pop song. Five For Fighting ask what kind of world you want. Judging by the expression on Gray's face, he wants a world where people aren't quite this thrilled by a string of lights. I can't say that I blame him.

While the pop song continues, we see the Greens munching their dinner. Then Eric and Mary kiss while dozens of pedestrians wander around aimlessly. Then the camera follows the lights over to Gracie's, where she's waving goodbye to someone. She walks back into her empty store and over to the register. And then she's grabbed from behind and stabbed. She collapses to the floor. You live by the jewelry box, you die by the jewelry box. Fade out.

Next time: the fall finale. I wish they said "final-LAY," like the WB announcer used to. Anyway, tune in when Jake says that they can't have vigilantes running around in Jericho. Unless their surname is "Green." And they're taunting me with zombies again.

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