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Gracie's. Jonah and Mitchell are raiding the treasure room while Gracie whines. Jonah explains, "With those air drops, there's no telling what's out there to trade. We gotta be ready." Gracie complains that Jonah isn't adhering to their deal, and then swats Mitchell and snaps, "That is not yours!" Mitchell looms over her threateningly until Jonah waves him off. Then Jonah puts an arm around her and coos, "Mitchell and the other guys don't see our arrangement the way I do. If it was up to them, they'd just come in here and snap your neck." Then he and Mitchell head out, but right outside the door, they run into Dad. Whoopsie.

When we return, Dad smirks at Jonah, who seems a bit deflated. Then he tells Gracie that he wants to use her store as a distribution center for all the food. Gracie looks uncomfortable, and Dad adds, "Only thing is, you'll have to stop doing business with Jonah." Jonah gives Gracie his best glare, and then tells Dad, "We have a deal." Dad waits patiently, and Gracie finally sniffs, "Had a deal. The one you broke." Dad smugly moves out of the doorway so that Jonah and Mitchell can slink out. As they pass, Dad retrieves the goodies Mitchell tried to lay claim to, including a shotgun. Once Jonah and Mitchell have gone, Gracie sags with relief and tells Dad, "It's good to have you back." Dad isn't done sorting things out yet, though. He tells Gracie, "Those prices you've been charging? Those are gonna have to stop." Gracie starts to protest, and Dad cheerfully says, "If you don't like it, there's always Jonah." Gracie smiles ruefully and agrees to his terms, and Dad gives her a hug. Dad is awesome.

Mimi leads Stanley through the field to a slightly smashed pile of boxes, and promptly digs into a candy bar. Stanley cautions her that the food might not be okay. She shrugs, "It's not Teuscher, but in a pinch..." Stanley clarifies that the food might not be safe. Mimi rolls her eyes and says she has something else to show him.

In another part of the field, Mimi and Stanley walk up to a huge generator. I mean, huge. Weighs-several-tons huge. It's large, is what I'm saying. Mimi enthuses, "So we can get power back, communications..." Stanley starts to walk around the thing, but then realizes that it's going to be quite a hike, so he tells Mimi to take the truck and go tell Jake about her find. She hesitates, and asks if they'll have to give up the food. Stanley lectures that it's the town's food. Mimi says, "You mean, the town that was gonna blow that bridge and leave us for dead? That town?" Well then, go tell Eric, since he's the reason Jake didn't blow himself up. Damn that Eric! Stanley points out that they didn't blow up the bridge, plus "[Mimi was] on the other side of it at the time." He repeats his orders, and my question is, why doesn't Stanley go himself? Does he need to keep staring at the generator for some reason? Mimi sniffs, "We're not sharing the chocolate," and quirks her eyebrow in a very cute way before leaving.

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