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Dad's office. I think. Was it always this big? Eric tells Mom and Dad that the food will all fit in Gracie's store. He hesitantly adds, "Regarding the medical supplies, would you guys mind...?" Mom says that she'll take them to April at the clinic. Eric starts to leave, and Mom asks if Eric's going to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. He says that he's going to spend the day with Mary. Mom looks horrified, and Dad quickly turns and says, "You're always welcome. Football starts at 3." Eric says that he doesn't want to put his folks in an awkward position, at which point Mom brightly says, "You could have thought of that before you moved in with your mistress and left your wife with us." Eric stares blankly for a moment, and then finally says that he'd better get back to work. Once he's gone, Dad sighs, "Now it feels like the holidays." He takes a seat behind the desk, possibly to protect his vital organs, as Mom turns her attention to him. She asks why he's acting like it's no big deal, and Dad says that he's trying not be a hypocrite. Ooo, scandalous history! Dad reminds Mom, "I seem to recall a time when my mother thought your name was 'The Other Woman.'" Mom says that this is different: "We were barely in our twenties, she wasn't your wife...and she wasn't pregnant." Dad sighs as Mom says that April is a few months pregnant now. She sadly adds that April made Mom promise not to tell Eric. Dad ponders that for a second, leans forward, and says, "So then, you're mad about Eric over something [that] he doesn't even know about." Hee. Did I mention that Dad is awesome?

Eric is carrying some cables or something through the field. Then he spots a truck zooming through the field, and starts to run as it passes by him.

Moments later, several guys are poking around at the generator as Stanley tries to activate his stealth mode. He turns just in time to get punched in the jaw by another guy with a more effective stealth mode. Stanley starts swinging, and gets in a good punch or two, but then there's a second baddie and it's all over for Stanley. They grab his arms and haul him toward the camera, and that's when the shot that made me laugh in the previews happens. Because Stanley's hair is all brushed forward and he's pushing his jaw forward and his eyes are all squinty, and hee. You kind of have to see it to understand. The rest of the baddies wander up and start using Stanley as a punching bag.

Back in town, extras are helping to cart all the food inside while Gray carps in the background. Dad snaps that they're trying to figure out how to distribute everything fairly: "It might have to last us through the winter." Bad Cop isn't happy to hear that, and starts arguing, "My family is hungry now, not when you decide it's okay for them to be hungry!" I'm not saying that he's arguing coherently, but he is arguing. Jake gets outraged in return, and shouts, "We're hungry too!" Dad breaks things up, saying that there's plenty of food to go around. Gray, hurt that he's being ignored, snaps, "It may come as a surprise to you Greens, but many of us can think for ourselves." Not that you'd know that from watching this show. Mimi wanders up, and can I just interrupt to point out that although the street is cordoned off with tape, and there are a few guys with guns standing guard, Mimi seems to have had no trouble making her way over to Jake. Maybe she used Stanley's teleporter. Anyway, she coos, "It is like Filene's Basement out here," which isn't that funny a line. Jake's bewildered head-shake is kind of funny, though, and Mimi's pained "Oh, never mind" is definitely amusing. Mimi says that they found two more drops at the ranch, including a generator. Jake gasps, "What are we doing here?," and hurries off. I ask what they're doing a lot myself while I'm watching the show, but I usually put the emphasis on a different word.

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