Red Flag

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We get to see Mimi driving up to the field and stopping, so maybe she doesn't know about the teleporter. Which would explain why she's so bitter about the thing with the bridge.

Mimi and Jake trek through the corn. She insists, "It was right here." Which clearly it wasn't, because the way the corn is standing up straight instead of being smashed flat is kind of a clue. Jake suggests trying a different direction. Mimi, the thing was eight feet tall. Wake up from your chocolate-induced delirium! After padding the show out for a bit longer, we see a few broken cornstalks. Jake alertly stares off at the horizon while Mimi spots something a little closer. She gasps, and then they both run over to Stanley, who's collapsed in a bloody heap. Jake helpfully pats at Stanley and asks what happened. Stanley gasps, "Jonah." At which Jake stands up, looks around, and wipes his forehead as the camera pulls back to reveal that the generator is gone. And then he just goes on looking around grumpily, while Stanley bleeds quietly at his feet. Nice, Jake.

When we return, Gray's pulling a shotgun out of the locker in Dad's office. Dad harrumphs that they need a plan: "I'm not getting us into a fire-fight unless I can get us out." We hear, but do not see, Eric suggest going out to the compound for a chat with Jonah. He and Eric do seem to get along pretty well. And could we have an establishing shot, please? Every angle reveals someone new standing in another corner of the office. For instance, there's Bad Cop boggling and telling Eric, "Hell no!" And there's Good Cop, saying nothing. Then we finally see Eric, so he's not invisible. Phew. He argues that Jonah knows he's outnumbered. Gray snarks, "Yeah, let's talk to him, because that's worked out so well in the past!" has. I don't know. Jake says that they need the generator, and that the longer they wait, "the longer Jonah has to hide it, or to trade it off." Okay, I know Jake didn't see how big it was, but I like imagining Jonah hiding the generator. Maybe he could shove it inside a blue whale he happened to find. Although he is dealing with the citizens of Jericho, so if he painted it pink, I'm sure Stanley would say, "That can't be it; it was blue." On the other hand, Dad's awake, and he might see through the devious ruse. Anyway, Dad gives in, but declares that nobody fires until he says so. They all start grabbing guns, but when Gray offers to give the cops a lift, Dad tells him he's not invited along: "I have Jonah to worry about; I don't need someone shooting me in the back." Gray looks kind of hurt, and starts to move forward, but Hawkins shoves him back. Hey, Hawkins is there, too. That office really is gigantic. I was starting to think the generator might turn out to be in there.

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