Red Flag

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Dad walks up to the compound's gate, and the flunkies immediately raise their guns warily. Jonah's men are probably terrified, not so much that they can see Dad as that they can't see Mom. Why do you think they retreated to a compound in the first place? Jake, Eric, and the rest of the posse raise their own guns from behind whatever cover they can find. Jonah steps out as Dad reaches the gate. Which, hilariously, has signs reading "Quaker Freight." And they were probably just there at whatever location they're using, but I like to believe Jonah's a Quaker. Hey, Nixon was. Dad takes off his silly sunglasses and affects a friendly demeanor as he says, "Give us the generator, you keep everything else." Jonah says he doesn't know what Dad's talking about. Dad says that if he can take a look around, he'll show Jonah what he means. Dodge, thrust, parry spin! Jonah sniffs, "Private property still means something out here." Five miles outside town. Then Jonah admits that he might feel differently if he could still sell his wares at Gracie's. Dad gets bored, and says, "Open the gate or we're coming through." Jonah argues some more, points out that he saved the town from the menace of D.B. Sweeney, and basically says that he's taking the generator as payment for services rendered. Dad sighs that this won't end well for either of them, and walks away. As Dad walks back toward his li'l gang, Bad Cop hands him a gun.

We get an Emily's-eye-view of her sneaking up on one of Jonah's flunkies and clobbering him with a giant pair of shears, or something.

Dad cocks his rifle and says, "Let's get ready." Eric does a double-take, like, "Ready for what? Do we have a plan? Did I miss the plan again? Dammit!"

Jonah and a couple of his flunkies peer out through the fence like morons instead of maybe taking defensive positions or at the very least standing behind something so that they aren't such easy targets. Then we pan over the clobbered flunky, who has collapsed next to the truck o' loot. The camera swings up just as the cab door closes. The truck starts up, and Jonah and his flunkies look around and shout helpfully. Mitchell stands in front of the truck, aims his rifle, and then is yanked out of the way by Jonah, who gasps, "Don't shoot!" The truck smashes through the fence. Outside, Jake aims at the cab, too, but then sees that Emily's driving. He stares as she passes by, with much the same expression he had when he was looking out at the horizon over Stanley's crumpled body.

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