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Mommy Issues
heir mommy dictating who they do or do not schtup even if it's supposedly for the preservation of the species. I mean, how is Lisa supposed to rebel now? By NOT fornicating? By saving her precious gift for marriage? How very... human.

Down on earth, Erica meets with Ryan and Kyle outside of New York University, which is not at all NYU nor is it the usual fake NYU a.k.a. Hudson University that they always use on Law & Order. It's some college with white-pillared buildings and lions and other hallmarks for Quality Education. Kyle can't believe that people are buying into Anna's malarkey. She's obviously covering up something big. Erica and Ryan head inside the halls of education, leaving Kyle, who is not fit for civilized society, outside. They walk in and some guy (Sam! From Reaper! Aww R.I.P., good show) wearing headphones asks them if they are looking for someone. Right, like a guy in headphones is playing concierge. Erica helpfully removes his headphones and tells them they are looking for Col. Sanders. The guy thinks he is probably out golfing because that is what rich white guys with beards do, but he is his assistant Dr. Sidney Miller. Can he be of assistance? Dear Casting Agents: If the script calls for a doctor of either the MD or PhD variety don't choose an actor who is barely pushing 30. While I am happy to see little Bret Harrison back on the small screen, it's not very believable that he is a doctor of anything other than love and he was only called that once by his college sweetheart after several Jello shots.

Just then Ryan notices a V tracker is behind them. He and Erica have a whole conversation about how the tracker will kill them and drag their bloodied corpses to Anna right in front of Sidney who is staring at them like they are completely insane. Then they take off after the tracker, leaving Sidney to really regret ever asking them if they needed assistance. Like, duh. What kind of NYU grad student are you? Ryan and the tracker (in a tracksuit, natch!) leap whole staircases in a single bound whilst shoving old people out of the way. Kyle stops the guy outside with a gun and Ryan starts taking out all his V-ggression on the guy. Even Kyle thinks it is a bit much, which is, you know, BAD. So he takes a moment, counts to ten, goes to his happy place, and then shoves the guy's suicide pill down his throat. For some reason Sam has decided to follow the crazy people outside into the "parking lot" at "NYU". Hmm...what's wrong with that sentence? So so many things. He arrives just in time to see the V go up in flames. Erica explains that the Visitors are actually evildoers who are out to get his boss and all the Trix, which are SO clearly just for kids. Sidney blanches and opines that the Vs aren't after his co-worker, Col. Sanders, they are after him. He has something to show them inside. He was on a research dig in New Mexico and he found a mass grave filled with human bones. Well, one set of bones was not exactly human. He opens a freezer to reveal the skeletal remains of a Visitor. Ryan confirms it, "It's one of us." Sidney doesn't look particularly relieved by this. After Ryan explains that he is snake on the inside, Sidney gets all doctor-y and tries to touch Ryan's skin suit, which is clearly verboten. Ryan brushes off his hand, like whoa whoa don't touch the skin unless you're a sexy lady or a Thai masseuse. As Sidney is wearing flannel, it is highly unlikely he is either of those.

Sidney backs off and explains that he guessed the skeletal remains were extraterrestrial, but he didn't want his sanity questioned so no one knows about it. Also, he's been working on the Red Sky issue and has a few ideas, but nothing solid. Erica starts wandering around the room muttering to herself about alien technology and then reaches a crescendo where she blurts: We need you on our team! Sidney does not want to be on a team with the crazy people, but as he has an alien in his storage locker, he doesn't have much of a choice. Kyle laughs ha haha: If you don't join us, we'll kill you. JK JK JK, not jk. Sidney doesn't look so happy.

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