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Mommy Issues

Anna calls Lisa in for a performance review. In general she did excellent work with Tyler, but next time maybe a little more tongue and a little less hand? Lisa nods at her mother's critique. Mommy knows best! Especially in the bedroom. Did endless episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras teach you nothing? Anna reminds Lisa that her mission is of the utmost importance and she can allow no one -- Visitor or human -- to get in her way. Lisa's curiosity is piqued: Visitor? Anna reminds her that there are traitors among them. Anna assures her daughter that the traitors will soon be routed out because the greatest traitor of them all, Joshua, has been awoken. Lisa looks nervous as she turns away from Mommy Dearest.

Father Jack has joined the party at NYU and is showing them Chad Decker's video project. Sidney cannot believe that the Visitors would test on humans. Meanwhile, his lab rabbits twitch in their cages. Not really! Just kidding, PETA! Erica thinks that Chad would be most useful maintaining his close personal relationship with Anna, but Father Jack doesn't think Chad will do it because he is now terrified of her. Erica doesn't know what to do, but Ryan does: He's going home. To an empty house. That sounds fulfilling. Order some takeout and watch Montel while you're at it. Better yet, watch Brothers & Sisters and rejoice in the fact that you have no family. As Ryan leaves, Father Jack asks Erica if she is worried about Ryan. She thinks he can be trusted, but that's not what Father Jack meant. He asks her to consider what she would do if Tyler were in Anna's clutches. Erica stares blankly at him, because has he met Tyler? I mean, who is going to fight to keep that guy around?

Up on the ship, Joshua is alive! Lisa goes to talk to him to get their stories straight before the interrogation begins. She holds his hand and is so happy to see him alive and well and on her side. She doesn't know if she can do this without him. She is emoting all over the place and Joshua notes it and remarks that her behavior is not befitting a future queen. Lisa asks him if he remembers anything from before, about getting shot, anything? He does not. Lisa starts backing slowly out of the room, which is probably a wise move so she can keep her eyes on him.

Chad stops by the church to talk to Father Jack about the next step in the plan. Father Jack urges him to think strategically. The Visitors' ships can overpower the military in a blink of an eye. Chad has unique access to Anna that is far more valuable than a revolution that can't be backed up with fighting power. They need Chad onboard that ship. Chad asks doubtfully, "As a spy?" And father Jack replies, "As a member of the Fifth Column*". (*Not a band.) Chad looks wide-eyed at the idea and it almost makes you wonder which side he is on. Well done, Scott Wolf. That's the best acting we've seen all season from anyone, really.

Up on the ship again, Anna is surveying her remaining soldier babies fighting for their lives after the cruel attack by the salt shaker bomb. She holds the hand of one stringy little alien and almost tears up, but fights back the sticky icky emotion invading her ice queen visage. As No. 2 comes in to report on the babies' status, Anna quickly drops the hand she's holding and stiff upper lips it. She announces that it was the babies who caused her prior emotional outburst (It was the hormones! Post partum depression! I can't do anything but laugh alone with my salad and sing sad songs into my hairbrush! I have cramps! OMG! Chocolaattteeeeee Nooowwwww!) She needs to ensure that will NEVER happen again. She purposefully marches around the infirmary and turns off all the life support and KILLS HER BABIES. I can't wait to see the Lifetime movie based on this killer mother. Suck it, Diane Downs. Even No. 2 looks impressed as Anna kills them all. Anna marches past him with no eye contact, walks into an empty hall, types a few numbers on a floating control panel and sinks into the ground. She lowers into a dark room filled with... what is that, rope? Netting? Basically it looks like she landed inside a sleestak. A pod dangles in the middle of the room. A stilettoed foot emerges from the sac. What? It looks like a sac. No "k". That kind of sac. Anyway, a stiletto emerges, attached to a fishnet stockinged leg, attached to a woman in a red floor length dress. She emerges from the sac, stands upright, adjusts her dress, and faces Anna. Anna greets her coolly, "Hello, mother." OH GOOD. Mommy issues are universal. Brilliant.

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