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Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary

Aylee wants to go. The other four reluctantly follow her. Kenna, on a mission, moves purposefully through the castle, drawing the appreciative eyes of all the young dudes. She stops and a man embraces her from behind. Elsewhere, Lola is looking fruitlessly for Colin. Kenna's dude is the king. They kiss. He actually asks, "May I," which I don't believe for a minute. Droit du seigneur and all that.

Mary finds Francis, still in the ballroom where the wedding was held. Natalia's also there. He apologizes for his behavior earlier—well, kind of. He says there were "other ways of handling this." Mary's horrified and angry and doesn't particularly want to be handled, and asks if he doesn't think they should give their impending marriage a chance, since tons of people's lives are hanging in the balance. He says it's not about her, he's doing it for France. He's trying to ruin the alliance with Scotland. Oh, that's so noble of him.

Francis pushes on, saying he thinks France can find better allies than Scotland because they're currently at war with Italy, so Henry's marriage to Catherine doesn't seem to have been terribly useful there. Mary mumbles some stuff about love, but Francis quite smartly reminds her that love isn't actually part of this thing they have going on. He asks her to wait and see how the war goes. She reminds him that unlike him, she's already on the throne, and she has Scotland to think of.

Mary's in bed. Colin creeps in and starts unbuckling his pants. Mary wakes and screams, Colin slaps a hand over her mouth and begs her to be quiet. Mary's guards rush in and drag him away as he shouts, "Please, Your Grace, I couldn't!"

The girls conclave in the morning and asks how Colin got to Mary. Greer frets that this incident will let anyone who knows about it question Mary's virtue, and if there's any suspicion she's not a virgin, she'll never be queen. "And our chances at court will be over," she says, selfishly. Lola defends Colin. Mary comes in and asks what happened. Lola bribed a guard so she could talk to him. She says he was forced to commit the assault, but he won't say who forced him. Powerful people in the castle were behind the plot, he said. Aylee asks if Mary believes her, and Mary muses that Colin looked surprised Mary would wake up and fight back…because he expected her to be drugged from the wine. She tells the girls she was warned not to drink the wine, and Lola pleads with Mary to help Colin.

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