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Sara Brady: C | 108 USERS: B
Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary

Catherine watches from an upstairs window. She stalks across the castle to Nostradamus and demands to know why his potion didn't work and Mary didn't wake up deflowered. He points out that she didn't drink the potion, and that the delivery method failed. She asks if his visions have changed. He still sees the dogwood trees and blood. He says Mary will bring about Francis's death, so Catherine can't stop trying to destroy Mary.

Mary's still staring at the water at night. I hope her ladies at least brought her some food. She talks to the ghost, saying she doesn't know why the ghost helped her, but that she's grateful. She asks if the ghost is also in danger.

Next time: Let's invade Italy! More dancing, and scheming, and riding, and wearing period-inappropriate dresses.

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