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The Paris Death Match

Hotel Room Of Cast Members Who Really Should Only Be Wearing Their Boxer Shorts Right Now. Syd enters, looking rather weepy. Willage sort of glances at her and then looks away. He makes some small talk about the hotel room. Syd's all, I told you NOT to pursue this story, honey. Willage is all, yeah, I know. Sorry. I'm a dumb shit. Should I take off my pants now? Syd's all, no, not yet. But thanks for the offer. You do know that Danny was killed because I told him about me, right? And they were gonna kill me too.

Light dawns on yonder Willage and he suddenly realizes that this was why Syd asked for his sister's passport. Syd walks over to the bed while she blithers on about Willage having questions and how she can't answer them. She sits as Willage blathers on about going after the story because of Dead Danny. Yawn. Take off yer pants, Bradley! TAKE 'EM OFF! That'll at least give me SOME reason to keep watching this dribbly little scene. As yet another selection from "The Womb Collection" plays, Willage sits next to Sydney and tells her he's never going to speak to ANYONE about this and how sad her life must be and how much he just loves her. She thanks him, and he thanks her for saving his life. Like, it's a poignant scene and everything but, uh, it would be greatly improved if Bradley Cooper were pants-less at the moment.

Meanwhile, Arvin's at the hospital, and he's getting info that Sark's landed in Geneva. He gives the go-ahead to apprehend Sark, and gets off the phone. Back at the hotel, Willage is asking the agents behind the mirror if he can get a burger or something. The agents don't respond.

Then we're in the hospital room where Uncle Arvin and Auntie Em are waiting for her test results. Her doctor enters and informs Auntie Em that her bone marrow has been rapidly regenerating and she is now officially in remission. Auntie Em cries with relief. Uncle Arvin cries with the knowledge that, now that his wife has received a second lease on life, she's one dead duck.

In some random stairwell somewhere, a bunch of black-clad guys with guns bust in and run up the stairs. We cut quickly back to the hotel, where Willage is lounging around and the agents are doing their thing on the other side of the mirror. Back to the black-clad guys. They storm into a room, expecting to find Sark. Instead, they find a hospital bed, a bunch of medical equipment, and a dozen or so blood bags. Looks like Sark had himself a quickie blood transfusion.


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