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Tommy's back in the hospital, keeping a vigil for Burn Victim Kid instead of hanging out with his own children. Burn Victim Mom says she's going to go get a soda, and leaves. Wouldn't she be kind of creeped out by Tommy's devotion to her comatose son? Or maybe she's just glad for the company. Tommy stands up and yawns, and then contemplates the plastic Jesus he stole from Johnny's car. When he turns around, Mary Magdalene is there, and they commiserate on what it's like to wait for Jesus. Mary Magdalene thinks Jesus is "full of goddamn promises," because she's been "waiting for a ring since three weeks before the Last Supper." Tommy turns around, and Mary Magdalene is on his other side. She orders Tommy to get down on his knees, which Tommy does. Mary asks him what he wants most in the world, and Tommy says he wants Burn Victim Kid to live. Mary asks what else he wants. Tommy says that he wants his marriage to work, but then starts to list all the reasons that won't happen. Mary interrupts him and says that he needs to pray to God right now for what he wants. Tommy makes the sign of the cross, steeples his hands, and closes his eyes. When he opens them, Mary is gone.

Jeannie, Peter, and Steven are discussing having a birthday party for Steven. Jeannie thinks it's a great idea, but Steven isn't sure that Chief will be up for it. Chief walks in and starts to put the kibosh on the idea, but Jeannie calls him Jerry and reminisces about the Fourth of July parties they used to have. Chief is so surprised and touched that she remembers who he is and what they used to do that he agrees to the party, which Peter characterizes as being about beer and steaks. Remember that in a little bit.

Garrity and Mike stand in a hall somewhere and try to figure out which meeting to attend next to pick up chicks. Mike suggests smokers, and Garrity says he doesn't want to "bang some chick in an iron lung." Of course, he smokes too, but I think he forgot that. He's dumb enough to forget that. Mike suggests gamblers, but Garrity thinks it'll be full of middle-aged bald guys. And people who watched one too many episodes of Celebrity Poker Showdown and thought they could play poker for money or candy. Garrity reminds Mike that they want "drug, booze, sex, food." Behind them, Franco and Laura walk out of a meeting. Franco is worried that he came off "like a bitch," and Laura says that Franco's her bitch now. Laura looks really pretty here, with her hair down, and a skirt and camisole on. Possibly a little overdressed for an NA meeting, but maybe they're grabbing a bite afterward or something. Laura says seriously that she is proud of Franco, and gives him a kiss. Franco spots Garrity and Mike and tells Laura to play it cool. She agrees. They greet the boys, and Mike says he's happy Franco is getting help, and makes an allusion to the fact that Laura and Franco are together. Laura smoothly lies that she's just there for support. A meeting leader yells that they're about to start the bulimia meeting, and Garrity and Mike run inside, leaving Laura and Franco laughing.

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Rescue Me




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