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Tommy goes to visit Mariel, and compliments her beauty. When she leaves the room, Tommy reminds himself that Mariel is his half-sister. The phone rings, and Mariel asks Tommy to grab it. It's Johnny, who's shocked and disgusted to hear Tommy answer, even though Johnny was probably calling to ask Mariel out himself. Johnny orders Tommy not to knock Mariel up, because their kid would be retarded. Tommy thinks that kid would fit right in with their family. Johnny keeps repeating "incest," and Tommy asks why Johnny is calling, anyway. Johnny lies that he has more clothing to donate, and Tommy hangs up on him, and then lies to Mariel that it was a telemarketer.

Laura and Franco walk down the street and share a Dove bar. Laura laughs and says it's nice that Franco is sharing his food, because he's usually a hoarder, and she was starting to wonder if he had done time. Also, is the food-sharing a metaphor for their relationship or what? Franco says he's been thinking about shacking up with Laura. He adds that he's not talking about getting married, but he cares about her, and Keela loves her. Laura says it's a big step, and would complicate things at work. Franco says he doesn't care, because he's not ashamed of their relationship. He says with sincerity, "I'm ready to take the next step. The shacking-up step." Laura looks bemused and says that they need to put everything out on the table first. Franco agrees. Laura wants to know if Franco's been seeing anyone else. Franco tells her that it's just her, and that he doesn't want anybody else. Laura kisses him. Note that he answered a different question than she asked. She asked if he had been seeing anybody else, and he said that, right now, it's just her. That might be important later. There will be a quiz, probably.

Lou and Candy walk out of a movie theater, and Lou suggests getting coffee. Candy turns him down because his "secret admirer" is there. Lou glances at Sandra, standing nearby and pretending to read a magazine. He asks Candy if he can pay her next time, and Candy says that since he paid for the movie, they can call it even. Wow. Either movies got a lot more expensive in New York recently, or she's a really cheap whore.

Tommy and Mariel go out to dinner. For a dinner with her half-brother, Mariel is wearing a tube top with her boobs totally squeezed out the top. They discuss all of the kinds of alcohol that Tommy used to be into, and Mariel says he's funny. Tommy tells her that she's gorgeous, and Mariel says that she feels the same about him. Really? I can see thinking that Tommy is kind of hot, but "gorgeous"? Mariel says Tommy's been keeping her up nights since they met. Tommy points out the "ick factor." Mariel says she's not sure they have the same father, because her mother was "a bit of a whore." Pa Gavin is definitely Father Murph's father, but wasn't the only one in the picture when Mariel was conceived. Mariel knew, but she and her mother kept it from Father Murph because he was "sensitive" about their mother's sexual habits, and in order to keep it a secret, they didn't tell Pa Gavin either.

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