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Tommy quietly gets dressed in his bedroom to avoid waking Janet. Katie cries out, and he runs in to check on her. She tells him that she saw a ghost. Tommy assures her that there is no such thing as ghosts, and then asks if the ghost looked like anyone they know. Katie says that he was an ugly stranger, so Tommy tells her to go back to sleep. He sneaks into the bathroom, where Jimmy tells him that denial is a bitch, and then threatens to go talk to both Katie and Connor. Jimmy also brings up the kid who blew his brains out, but Tommy grabs Janet's purse and rushes into the bathroom to escape Jimmy. After shushing Jimmy a few times, Tommy downs some goofballs. That is one pink bathroom the Gavins have. Jimmy asks Tommy how Sheila is doing. Tommy retreats to the toilet and tries to pull it together. Jimmy whispers that he's going to go talk to the kids. Tommy cautiously opens the door, but Jimmy is right there, and scares him. Tommy cautiously opens the door again, but the hallway is empty. I guess in addition to having magical powers, those goofballs can also perform exorcisms.

Mike and Garrity are playing Scrabble. This would be a lot funnier if the whole "Dumb People Playing Scrabble" thing hadn't already been done on The Sopranos. Mike thinks really, really hard, and even Garrity gets impatient. Chief walks in and calls it "a meeting of the minds, and the minds are a no-show." Tommy surveys the board and reads off the following words: "tag," "arm," "it," "go." No "poo"? Or swear words? Mike finally creates "fell" with his tiles, but doesn't know how many points he got. A guy walks in and asks for Laura, and introduces himself as "Angel." Chief tries to kick the guy out for being a civilian, but Angel says that he's a firefighter in another house. He asks Laura if they can talk, and Laura leads him out, but not without showing Garrity that he can make the word "fellatio" with his tiles. Garrity is psyched. Franco tries not to show that he's bothered by Laura's new friend. Tommy reaches over Mike's shoulder and adds some tiles to the board to create "autofellatio." Lou considers it well-played, and defines it as "sucking one's own schlong." Garrity mutters that he thought it meant "getting a blowjob in a car." Tommy thinks Garrity is joking, and then realizes that Garrity was serious, and declares that to be even funnier.

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Rescue Me




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