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Chief comes downstairs in his home, calling for Pete. He hears a ruckus outside and goes to investigate, where he finds Jeannie screaming at a stranger in a car in the street. A neighbor watches in horror as Chief drags Jeannie back into the house. Jeannie starts yelling obscenities at the neighbor until Chief can get her safely into the house.

Tommy's dream sequence starts with the Terri Schiavo joke from last week, and then Tommy falls through the floor. He stops in midair and looks over to see Sheila, in lingerie, backlit. She makes some sexual suggestions about her girlfriend and her tits, and then Tommy falls another floor. This time, he sees his maybe-sister, also in sexy lingerie, who points out what he's missing. But she turns into Janet and starts yelling at him. Tommy wakes up when he falls off the couch onto the floor. Janet asks kindly if he's okay, and offers to make him breakfast. Tommy looks around, unsure what in the hell is going on in his head.

Janet opens her prescription bottle and is surprised to find it nearly empty, but she doesn't seem all that concerned about it. She pops the last pill as Tommy sneaks in and tries to snatch the pill bottle out of her purse. Janet interrupts him to tell him that breakfast is ready. I guess they are in their new apartment now, because Janet says that she needs to pick up some pots and pans. Tommy slyly tries to ask if she'll be going by a pharmacy later, and Janet says that actually, believe it or not, she does need to go to a pharmacy. Tommy tries to pretend he was just concerned about Janet's health, and says that he also has a prescription that needs to be refilled. He faux-casually asks what her prescription is for, and Janet lies that it's for allergies. Yeah, this relationship is right back on track. I don't get why Janet wouldn't tell Tommy; it's not like he's against pharmaceuticals in any form.

Pete walks into the kitchen, and Chief fills him in on the morning's activities. Pete says he's been packing, and Chief is shocked that Pete is leaving. Pete claims that he's told his father that he needs to get back to Boston. Chief isn't happy to hear it, and begs Pete to find another way. Pete has clearly had it, and says that his whole life is in Boston and that he can't stay with his mother anymore. Which I totally get, because it's not like she has a temporary illness, or that (on the other hand), she'll probably die any time soon if she's otherwise healthy. She'll just get worse and worse mentally until something goes wrong with her body, which could take decades. Wow, I just depressed myself. Anyway, I get why Pete can't stay indefinitely, but if he has in fact discussed this with his father previously, it would be nice if he had seen or heard about it, because this seems like he just decided to leave one day out of the blue. Chief says desperately that he can't handle the situation alone, because the woman he loved "is rotting away on the inside, and [he] just has to stand by and watch it happen." Pete touches his father's face and assures him that he can handle anything. Pete walks out the door, and Chief wipes tears from his eyes. Jeannie comes down the stairs, her pants wet, and sobs that she had an accident. Chief tenderly tells her that it's okay.

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Rescue Me




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