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Franco and Laura walk into the house. Laura says that she can't wait to see her next poem. Franco wonders why she needs another one, since the first was so good. Laura says that the first one was, but that the second one sucked, so she has a nagging suspicion that Franco only wrote the second one. Franco makes a few excuses, but Laura reminds him that their relationship has suffered due to lying in the past, and that she wants the truth now. Franco says very seriously, "They started here [points to heart], went through here [points to head], and they came out here [waggles his fingers]." How can Laura not burst out laughing at the cheese? Instead, she is touched, and takes his hand and kisses it. Who stole Laura's brain and replaced it with Sheila's?

Franco begs Tommy to write him another poem, but Tommy says he's not exactly in the mood. See, because he's out of goofballs. I don't know what kind of magic antidepressants Janet was taking that take effect immediately, and stop working immediately, and don't seem to cause any other withdrawal effects, but I'll bet a few of the big drug companies would like the secrets. I can't decide if the writers just don't know how antidepressants work, or decided to make adjustments for plot reasons, because it wouldn't be that interesting to have Tommy take the pills in one scene and then wait two to four weeks for the happiness to kick in. It just seems like lazy storytelling. So, anyway, Tommy is cranky and refuses to write the poem. Franco begs, and Tommy says he'll try. Franco wants it by the end of the shift, and Tommy asks if he thinks "Carl Sandburg came up with that 'fog rolling in under cat's claw' thing under pressure." Franco has no idea what Tommy is talking about, so Tommy slams his locker and walks out. On his way out, Mike stops and asks if Tommy brought any of that good coffee, and Tommy curses him out and tells him to get his own coffee. Oh, yes. Tommy's back.

Chief and Lou discuss how Chief can go about getting a nurse or an aide or something for Jeannie. Maybe talk to her doctor? Just a thought. Garrity comes into this serious discussion about the future of Chief's wife, which means he's going to say something stupid. Wouldn't it be funny if, just once, Garrity said something really insightful? Because the constant stupid, while funny most of the time, gets kind of old. Garrity thinks he could help, and Chief says that's as likely as him growing a vagina. Garrity points out that they're doing that in China. China vaginas? I just registered that domain. Against his better judgment, Chief says that he needs a nurse. Garrity says that he hired a nurse for someone's bachelor party, but then says that the woman is an actual nurse, as well as being a stripper. Chief agrees that Garrity could call her, and expresses disgust that he's actually going to Garrity for help in the situation. Lou points out that at least it can't get any worse. Hey, you know who knows a nurse? Franco. Although you might not want to mention that around Laura. GARRITY.

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Rescue Me




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