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Johnny calls Tommy, and they make arrangements to meet up at Father Murph's blood drive, which Tommy had totally forgotten about. Johnny checks out a chick who walks by and advises Tommy to get someone else's blood, since his is probably still flammable. Not to mention filled with goofball juice. Tommy curses and hangs up.

Lou and Dani order a meal at a restaurant. Lou fills her in on his day at work, which was slow. Dani says that Lou makes her laugh, and that while she meets a lot of men in her line of work, she rarely sees the complete package. Lou makes a package joke, but Dani's phone rings and she makes a "date" and agrees to bring a friend. She calls another girl and works out the details of their arrangement as Lou sputters and coughs. She hangs up and apologizes for the call. Lou gently asks if there isn't any other way she can make money while she's in school. Dani says that nothing else pays as well, and adds that her pimp wouldn't be too happy about it if she quit. She's actually talked to him about it. Lou asks if her pimp has ever hurt her, and Dani denies it and says that "F-Bomb" is great. Lou thinks for a minute, and asks again if he can try to convince F-Bomb to let Dani out, and if Dani would really quit. Dani says that she would, but that she doesn't want Lou to talk to the guy, because it's not exactly something that you can negotiate, and the guy would seriously kill her. Lou says that maybe he could buy out her contract. Dani's eyeballs roll and come up dollar signs as she "relents" and agrees to let Lou give it a shot. This is such a scam. Poor Lou.

Having just given blood, Tommy is pounding cookies like they're being eliminated from the world's menu tomorrow. Johnny rips on Tommy for almost fainting after giving blood. They invite Father Murph for coffee, but Father Murph says that he has to go check on Ricky. Tommy thinks Ricky is a good kid. After Father Murph goes back into the church, Johnny comments that the priest is starting to creep him out with the whole Ricky situation. Tommy, his mouth still full of cookie, thinks that Johnny and Mick don't trust anyone. Did Tommy just say that? Tommy? Tommy Gavin? Does he trust anyone? Johnny says that if you gave Father Murph "a bad nose job, a ranch with some rides on it, and Liz Taylor's home number, he's Michael Jackson." Tommy says that if Father Murph is Michael Jackson, that makes him Tito and Johnny Jermaine. Johnny wonders why he has to be Jermaine. Yeah, he could be Jackie. Or Marlon. Or Randy. Not the American Idol one. The youngest Jackson brother. What? I was a big Michael Jackson fan back in the day. But Tito and Jermaine are the best comedically-named Jacksons.

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Rescue Me




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