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Tommy continues to stuff cookies in his mouth as Johnny spots the kid Tommy kept seeing last week hiding behind a tree. The kid takes off, and Johnny chases him as Tommy stands there and watches. Johnny catches the kid and subdues him, and then marches him back over to Tommy, who explains that he couldn't help out because he was feeling light-headed again. Tommy stuffs another cookie in his mouth and says something to the kid that's incomprehensible. Johnny translates that Tommy is threatening to take the kid to see Father Murph. The kid explains, "I'm Ricky's older brother, and I'm watching that shit-faced asshole because I know he's...he's molesting Ricky the same way he molested me. It started when I was thirteen and lasted almost three years." The kid says that he blames himself for not putting a stop to it earlier. The kid walks off, leaving Tommy and Johnny stunned.

Colleen walks into the apartment and finds Tommy going through Janet's purse. Tommy is also wearing what appear to be maroon velvet cargo pants. The hell? Tommy says he was looking for pills in Janet's purse, and then lies and says that he was looking for bills, like money. Tommy notices one of Colleen's school books and asks if she's reading poetry. He flips through the book and asks Colleen to find a poem about women's hair, or a few lines about women's hair. She wants to know why he needs it, and Tommy lies that it's a surprise for Janet, who walks into the room and ends the conversation. Colleen seems grossed out that her parents are getting along, and rolls her eyes and rats Tommy out. Janet thinks it's nice that Tommy is taking an interest in his children's school work, and Colleen rolls her eyes again and walks out. Remember when Colleen was a lesbian? What happened to that storyline? Now all she does is roll her eyes and plot against her parents. Which is typical teen behavior, but not that interesting to watch. Tommy asks Janet if she picked up his nonexistent prescription, and Janet says that he forgot to give it to her. Tommy realizes that means Janet didn't get her goofballs, and says that he'll have his doctor call in his prescription and she can get it when she gets hers refilled. Janet asks what his prescription is for, and Tommy says it's "like Advil only stronger." Janet asks why he can't just take a lot of Advil, and Tommy says it's actually nothing like that, and practically runs out of the apartment. Are Janet's goofballs actually stupid pills? Because how dumb is she, now?

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Rescue Me




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