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Tommy meets with Mick to discuss the Father Murph situation. Mick says there's not much they can do about it, since they have no proof, and Father Murph will deny everything. Tommy wonders if he's supposed to have Polaroids or home movies: "Here's me in the Grand Canyon, here's me down in the Bahamas, and here's me banging a thirteen-year-old." Mick wonders if the kid has anything, and Tommy promises to ask him. Mick says that they need physical proof of the relationship or they need to catch the pervert in the act. The thought of that causes both men to lose their appetites.

Since Tommy hasn't come through, Franco begs Lou to help him out on the poetry front. Lou doesn't want to get burned twice. Franco calls Lou a "real poet," and Lou is flattered and agrees to help. Before they can get down to business, Tommy walks in and hands Franco a poem, and Franco immediately forgets that Lou exists.

The crew exits a fire. Hey, that has rarely happened in the last few episodes, unless someone gets injured. The guys are incredulous that someone had a space heater on in July, and Lou goes off on yet another misogynistic rant about how women are always cold because they're constantly talking and it lets all the air out of their bodies. Tommy's phone rings. It's his maybe-sister Mariel. She reports that she had DNA tests done, and they're not the same. She invites Tommy out to dinner. Tommy reluctantly says that he's back with his wife, and that he's trying ot make it work. Who is this man? Mariel understands, and tells him that if things don't work out, he should give her a call.

Tommy groans and calls Dr. Feinberg, Sheila's obstetrician, and claims again that he's Jimmy Keefe. Tommy launches into an explanation of why he needs a prescription for Selectra. Feinburg says that he knows that Jimmy Keefe is dead, and that Tommy needs way more than Selectra to cure his problems. Feinburg slams the phone down, and Tommy groans some more.

Garrity is telling Chief about the nurse situation. He found an agency that will send over a bunch of nurses, and Chief can choose the one he likes best. Garrity compares it to American Idol, except with nurses instead of singers, and you don't get to phone in your vote, and there's no Paula Abdul. Garrity realizes that it's nothing like American Idol. Chief thanks Garrity for his help.

Laura reads Franco's poem and says that it's even better than the first one, and that she can't believe he wrote it. Franco is flattered until Laura says that she really can't believe it, and that she's suspicious of him now. Franco tries the whole heart/head/hands thing again, but Laura is pissed. Franco tries to hug and kiss the problem away, but it's not working, and Laura stomps off.

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Rescue Me




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