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Laura seeks Lou out and says that she knows he wrote the poem for Franco. Lou admits nothing. Laura says that Franco isn't a poet, and reveals that he wrote a shopping list the other day, and it took a half-hour and he spelled peanut butter with four t's, and spelled Coke with a K. Lou pretends that he doesn't know anything about the situation, but when Laura guesses that it was Tommy, he doesn’t deny it.

Tommy calls Janet on a pay phone to "check in," which really means he's wondering if she's gone to the drugstore yet. She hasn't, and he says that he'll call in his prescription right now. Tommy's cell phone rings. It's Sheila, and she's hysterical, which kind of goes without saying. Sheila wants Tommy to come over because Debbie gave her a black eye. Tommy tells her to call the cops, unless she's on fire, in which case it's his jurisdiction.

Tommy's call waiting beeps, and he flips over to talk to Ricky's older brother, Kevin, who says that he has proof of his relationship with Father Murph. He has a letter that Father Murph sent him saying that they couldn't see each other anymore. Tommy tells Kevin to call Johnny, who's a cop, and that they can take Father Murph down. Kevin isn't sure, and says he needs to think about it.

Tommy answers his call waiting yet again, and it's Sheila, still sobbing. Tommy picks up the ringing pay phone and it's Janet. He says that he just called the prescription in, so she can head over there immediately, because he likes "fresh medicine." Here's what's dumb about Tommy's lie about his prescription: it's unnecessary. If Janet is on the goofballs, and enjoys the effect, she'll be in a hurry to get the prescription refilled for herself, and Tommy can just continue stealing them. With the lie, now she'll find out that Tommy's prescription doesn't exist, which is just going to raise more questions in her head. Unless those goofballs really are stupid pills. Tommy hangs up with Janet and returns to Sheila, who begs him to come over because she's scared to be alone when Debbie returns. Against his better judgment, Tommy agrees to come over. He hangs up with Sheila, completely forgetting about Kevin.

Laura walks in and asks Tommy if he wrote the poem. Tommy takes a look at it and scoffs. Laura says that Lou told her everything, and Tommy accuses her of bluffing. Lou starts to enter the room, sees who's inside, and tries to turn and walk out before they see him. It's too late, and Tommy stops Lou and asks him if he talked to Laura about Franco's poem. Lou says that Laura asked some questions, but that he only gave her "subtext." Ah, Lou's revenge. Tommy admits that he wrote the first and third poems, and that Lou wrote the second. Tommy says he was just doing a favor for a friend. Laura asks if he was trying to do himself a favor, and accuses Tommy of making a move on her. Tommy scoffs again. Laura says you don't write beautiful poetry for a pal. Tommy claims that he's back in love with his wife. Laura asks if he writes poetry for Janet, and Tommy doesn't know how to answer that, but tries to explain that he's taking pills that made it easier for him to write poetry. Laura asks if they're poetry pills. Flustered, Tommy says that he did write the stuff, but that he doesn't have feelings for Laura like that. He does admit that Laura is hot. Laura leans over and puts her fingers to Tommy's lips to shush him. Franco walks in and asks what's going on. Laura says seductively, "Ask your pal." Tommy says that he had ice cream stuck to his lips and Laura was helping him out, then beats feet out of there as Franco watches him suspiciously. Seriously? Are they going there, to the Tommy and Laura thing? Because it's fucking lame and last-minute and doesn't seem in character for Laura. But maybe it's the stupid pills. Maybe the writers are taking them as well.

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Rescue Me




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