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Father Murph tells Mick he has no proof, and hands the letter back. Johnny doesn't think this is over, and calls Kevin into the room. Kevin tells Father Murph to be honest. Father Murph wants to talk to Kevin alone, but Kevin pulls out a gun and aims it at Father Murph, demanding that he admit what he did. The Gavins try to talk Kevin down and get him to lower his gun. Kevin again tearfully orders Father Murph to admit what he did. The camera cuts to Father Murph and executes a Jaws-style smash zoom, then cuts back to Kevin and has the same effect. People. The effect, which is supposed to underscore the vertiginous feeling of the characters (aptly named since it was used by Hitchcock in Vertigo), comes off as amateurish, and like the director just got his first copy of Final Cut Pro. Lame. It also detracts from the biggest moment in the scene, when Kevin puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger. Everyone reacts with horror and nausea. The three Gavins kneel over Kevin as Father Murph slowly staggers out of the room. Tommy tells Johnny to call somebody. Shouldn't Tommy be doing CPR? Unless it's obvious that CPR won't help at this point. Instead, Tommy follows Father Murph out and beats the crap out of him underneath a painting of the Last Supper. Tommy forces Father Murph to look at Kevin's body as Father Murph pukes on the floor.

Montage time! Tommy arrives back at his apartment and slowly trudges inside. He finds Janet's purse sitting on the chair and sneaks a hand in to find her bottle of pills. He shakes a few out and quickly downs them, then washes them down with some water. He sits down in a chair.

Lou and Dani arrive at her apartment. She stops him and pulls him closer, and then kisses him. Lou follows her inside.

Some cops take Kevin's body out in a body bag.

Tommy drinks water and watches television alone.

Chief tucks Jeannie in and tenderly kisses her goodnight.

Johnny pulls Father Murph out of the back of a cop car and does that move I love where the cop cradles the perp's head with his hand to prevent it being bumped on the door frame.

Tommy numbly continues flipping through the channels.

Lou and Dani walk down the street. Lou produces a bundle of money in a clip and hands it over. Dani tucks it back into his shirt pocket and kisses him.

Kevin's mother and brother identify his body outside the church.

Chief sits alone at the dining-room table and runs his hands through his hair.

Mick tries to pray in a pew, but struggles to contain his emotions. It occurs to me that it would have been interesting to hear more from Mick, the former priest, on this issue.

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Rescue Me




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