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At the firehouse, Franco does bicep curls. Garrity walks in, and Franco asks Garrity to spot him. Garrity wonders why Franco has been working out like crazy, and Franco says that the firefighter calendar shoots next week. As he moves over to do some other type of weightlifting (what? Like I know the name? You're lucky I knew bicep curl!), Franco says he'll be featured for the fourth year in a row. Garrity thinks that whole calendar thing might be a little gay. Franco says that it's the opposite -- the women come at him in waves. Garrity asks if he can get in on it, and Franco promises to put in a good word.

Chief walks in and asks if they've seen Tommy. Franco jokes that he might be outside talking to another dead girl. Chief acts surprised, and Franco says he thought it was weird. Garrity agrees that it was creepy, and that Tommy might be cracking up a bit. Chief says it was one incident. Franco prefaces his statement, "I've got nothing but love for Tommy, he's a great guy and all, and he's our brother, but that does nothing to change the fact that he was having a very long, very animated chat with a dead little girl. It doesn't take a shrink. Know what I'm saying?" Chief thinks it's none of Franco's business. Franco asks if it'll be his business when Tommy flips out in a fire and Franco ends up dead. Garrity and Chief have nothing to say about that one. Foreshadowing? Chief tells Franco and Garrity to tell Tommy Chief's looking for him, and walks off. Franco wonders if he's being an asshole, and Garrity says that Franco is totally within bounds on that one.

Tommy rolls up, and Chief reminds him that the shift started forty-five minutes ago. Tommy apologizes, and Chief says that some guy named George needed to go to his kid's school and wasn't able to leave on time because of Tommy. Chief wonders what's going on with him. Tommy says he needs more vacation time, and that he doesn't have any left. Chief suggests that Tommy go downtown. Apparently, if you go down and talk to a shrink and claim that you're all shaken up, you get two weeks off. Tommy is intrigued. Chief says he did it himself. Tommy asks if he was feeling shaky, and Chief says his wife just wanted to take a New England foliage tour, and it was the only way to get the time off. Tommy wonders what he would say. Chief says Tommy could say he can't sleep and that he's got the shakes. He adds that even if Tommy doesn't get the time off, at least he would have the opportunity to talk to somebody. Tommy suspiciously wonders who says he needs to talk to somebody. Chief says he meant nothing by it, and Tommy promises to think about it. After Chief leaves, Tommy stares after him, clearly wondering if everyone else is starting to notice that he's totally losing it. Or has already lost it.

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Rescue Me




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