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Tommy pulls into his driveway just as Roger pulls into Janet's. Tommy calls out to him and waves, but Roger just glares at him and walks into Janet's house. Inside, Janet tells Roger that she said she said she didn't want to see him anymore. Roger protests that things were going fine for them. Janet says that was only true until he had his friends beat up her ex-husband. Roger says that he had nothing to do with that, and besides, it was only three guys. Tommy walks in and claims that he didn't know Janet had company. Roger says that Tommy saw him pull in. Tommy says he got the part for the sink and wanted to make sure it fits. Janet snaps that it's not a good time. Tommy says it'll only be two seconds. Roger can't believe that Tommy is pretending to be so innocent, and reveals that Tommy held his head over the hot stove burner. Janet is shocked, and Tommy denies the whole thing.

Connor walks in and asks for a drink. Tommy remembers that Connor was there for the fight, and asks him who threw the first punch. Connor thinks about it for a minute as Tommy gives him the eyebrows, and finally says that Roger threw the first punch. Roger thinks the whole thing is bullshit. Janet tells him to watch his language, and Tommy agrees, "Yeah, asshole." Heh. Roger denies throwing the first punch and orders Connor to report exactly what happened. Connor looks at Tommy's face and says that Roger started it. Roger can't believe it, and Janet tells Tommy to get out, because she can handle it. Tommy leaves, and Janet tells Connor to leave too.

Once Tommy and Connor have gone, Janet tells Roger that Johnny Gavin told her that Roger told his friends to beat Tommy up. Roger keeps yelling that it's bullshit, and Janet yells at him to leave. Tommy stands outside the kitchen window, eavesdropping, but someone starts up a weed whacker nearby and he can't hear. Tommy sneaks to another window. Janet says, "Just answer one question. And you better tell the truth, Roger, because if you lie, I will know. Did you have anything to do with those guys beating up Tommy?" Roger shifts his eyes around and says, "Define 'anything.'"

Tommy runs over to his neighbor with the weed whacker and yells at him to stop it. The guy cuts the engine, but Tommy looks over to see Roger peeling out of Janet's driveway, and tells the guy to forget it. The guy introduces himself as Bob Shinsky ["hey! It's that guy!" -- Wing Chun], and says he knows Tommy is "the firefighter." Shinsky comments on the recent fire at Tommy's house, and then adds that it takes a lot of guts to be a firefighter. Tommy asks what Shinsky does, and he says that he's a psychotherapist. Tommy gets about ten times more interested in the conversation and asks Shinsky to take a look at the pills he got at the pharmacy. Shinsky looks and says they're all fine. Tommy asks if he should take them all at the same time. Shinsky says they would turn Tommy into "a real sleepy, happy guy with an erection." Tommy chuckles, embarrassed, and says that "the erection thing, that was a mistake." Shinsky says that he only prescribes medication as a last resort, and he thinks talking is more effective long-term. He advises Tommy to consider that before digging into his stash. Tommy thanks Shinsky, and they shake hands before Tommy walks over to his house. Shinsky chases Tommy down and says that he was admiring Tommy's deck because he was thinking about putting one on. Tommy says that he and the guys from his crew did it. Shinsky says he was thinking about spending $1000 or $1500 on it. Tommy wavers, and Shinsky says he could spend up to $2000. Tommy says he'll look into it, and they shake again.

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Rescue Me




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