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Franco cooks some burgers on the grill as Newbie continues to work. Garrity heads inside.

Garrity stops by Shinsky's office and says, "Hey, you're a shrink, right?" Shinsky looks up like, "What now?" He says that he is. Garrity says that's cool, and walks off.

The guys leave for the day. Newbie asks why Shinsky was so pissed off. Tommy says it was because they didn't finish the deck. Tommy is distracted by one of his dead friends walking down the street, complaining that he didn't get a park named after him. Suddenly, the dead friend bursts into flames. Newbie asks Tommy if he's okay, and Tommy looks back down the street, which is empty.

Tommy kneels in front of the candles in church, then crosses himself. He lights a few candles.

Tommy walks into his house. Jimmy reports that Vito and Bobby have gone. Tommy says he guesses it was their time. Jimmy says everyone is vanishing, and that it makes him nervous, like maybe he's next. Tommy promises that Jimmy's not going anywhere. Janet knocks on the door and enters. She explains that the younger kids went to a friend's house for a sleepover and Colleen's out with her friends. Tommy asks if Janet's been drinking, and Janet says she has, a bit, and giggles. Janet moves closer and they start kissing. After a moment, Tommy asks what they're doing. Janet says they're going to go upstairs. Tommy asks where they're going with this. Janet asks if Tommy doesn't want her. Tommy says he didn't say that. Janet says they were always at their best in bed, no matter what other problems they had. She kisses him again and starts walking backwards up the stairs. She falls and lies on the stairs, giggling. Tommy says that she's a little drunk, and that this might not be a good idea. Janet thinks it's a perfect idea. Tommy says he's going to run out to his truck and he'll be back in a few seconds. Janet threatens to start without him. I can't believe Tommy's walking out on this. Not because I think it's a good idea, but because it goes against everything he claims to want.

Tommy rings Shinsky's doorbell. Shinsky is in his bathrobe. Tommy says he wants some advice. Shinsky complains that he was in bed with his wife, and that they weren't sleeping. Tommy doesn't take the hint and says that Janet is at his house and wants to have sex. Shinsky thinks Tommy should go ahead. Tommy says he feels conflicted because she's drunk. Shinsky says he can't give Tommy professional advice because Tommy's not a client, and Shinsky's not getting paid. Tommy says he's not a professional carpenter, but he's building a deck. Well, he's watching Newbie build a deck. Does that make him a professional watcher? Shinsky sighs and asks Tommy what he wants to do. Tommy wants to bang Janet. Shinsky says Tommy knows what to do. Tommy thinks that's the greatest advice he's heard.

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Rescue Me




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