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A beautiful woman named Nez shows up and asks for Franco. Garrity goes to fetch him, and Franco spots Nez and begs Garrity to get rid of her. Garrity reluctantly agrees and makes his way back outside, where he tells Nez that Franco...died. In a fire. Garrity is a horrible liar. He pretends to cry, and Nez calls him a liar in both English and Spanish. She asks for a pen and paper. Garrity doesn't have any. Nez uses a lip pencil or eyeliner or something to write her phone number on Garrity's forearm, but not before coming on to him. Garrity watches her ass as she walks away and generally looks confused. You know, his usual expression.

Tommy sits in his truck and takes a couple of swigs from a bottle. I think his liquor bottles are getting bigger. Not a good sign. His phone rings, and it's his blonde friend. Tommy lies that he's almost to her house, and the woman says that she thought she saw his truck parked outside her house already. Tommy ducks down and actually honks the horn to simulate traffic, like the woman wouldn't hear the horn honking right outside her door. Then again, she doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Tommy hangs up and downs the rest of the bottle.

Tommy finally shows up at Blondie's apartment, and she pulls him inside and then kisses him hard. She says that she's about to take a shower, like, who invites someone over and then takes a shower? Unless she wanted him to join her, but she doesn't invite him or anything. She tells Tommy to help himself to a drink, which is exactly what he doesn't need.

Garrity meets Nez in a bar. He says that he doesn't want to get in the middle of things with her and Franco, and she says that there's nothing to get in the middle of. There's nothing of which to get in the middle? ["There's nothing in the middle of which to get?" -- Wing Chun] I don't know how to write that sentence, but you know what I mean. Nez rubs herself all over Garrity while he awkwardly apologizes for lying about Franco's untimely death. Garrity says he feels like he's doing something wrong, as Nez downs her drink and then orders another one -- a double. Garrity? Is in big trouble.

Tommy goes through some bills in Blondie's house and finds some with the name "Lauren" on them, and some with "Nancy." He checks to make sure Blondie is still in the shower, and then calls Franco to ask his opinion on Blondie's actual name. Franco thinks she looked like a Lauren. Tommy was hoping for Nancy, "because Nancys give better head." Tommy has based this on the two women named Nancy he's known. He also knew a Lauren, and while the head wasn't bad, it wasn't as good. Franco -- who is sitting in a bar with two women -- pauses for a moment and asks the women's names. They are Heather and Brittany. Franco asks Tommy about their head-giving potential, and Tommy gives him a verbal thumbs up. Tommy's call waiting beeps, and before hanging up, Franco advises Tommy to avoid saying a name until he gets more evidence.

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Rescue Me




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