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Tommy continues: "9/11, we lost four guys from this house. One of them was my cousin Jimmy." Tommy starts to choke up. "My best friend. Best goddamned fireman I ever worked with. Good family man. Dedicated American blah blah blah. And every day I gotta drive to work, I drive through my neighborhood, I see drunken assholes, guys I went to high school with, who stand on the corner, high, having a great time. And I gotta wonder why these assholes are still wandering around when Jimmy Keefe ain't." Outside the room, the guys have stopped laughing. Lou looks like he might be crying. Tommy sniffs and says, "My cousin the priest says that it's all part of God's plan, that God's got a plan. You know what? If there is a God, he's got a whole shitload of explaining to do." Tommy hears the guys outside the room. He kicks the table and walks out, leaving Dr. Goldberg alone.

Tommy drives home in his truck, smoking.

Franco works the heavy bag in the gym.

Lou writes a poem on his computer.

Tommy walks out to the beach.

Mike finds Billy and says that his doctor is on the phone.

Tommy watches the sunrise on the beach and drinks straight from the bottle.

Billy answers the phone.

Lou finshes a poem called "Ode to the Heroes" that it truly awful, and chokes back tears.

Tommy pulls out his wallet and finds his AA chip. He throws it into the ocean.

Billy goes over to the bulletin board and takes down his list as Mike watches.

Tommy walks off the beach, and Jimmy, the two kids, and the three other firefighters from his house who died sit nearby. Tommy walks up a dune, and his ghosts follow him.

In the tag after the closing credits, Grinch is in his office, talking to some higher-up on the phone about overtime. He spots a plate of cookies that Tommy left for him, with a note explaining that his daughter made them. Grinch takes a big bite, and then spits it out. He grabs his coffee mug, and takes a big swig, then spits that out too. He spots a plastic bag on his desk, and it takes a minute to figure out what it is. He spots the note attached, explaining that it's Mike's urine and stool sample. He drank pee! Hey, you need something kind of light after the heavy final ten minutes of this episode.

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