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Outside on the street, the random guy from earlier complains to Chief that if the building's residents were white, the firefighters would have gotten there in three seconds flat. Chief says that's a technical impossibility. The random guy says that he knows about technology, and that white people don't want to give the technology to the black man. Chief agrees with the guy to get him to shut up. Tommy radios down to say that the river was caused by "fifteen or twenty large jars of piss someone dumped down the stairs." Chief asks if it's human piss. Tommy tells Mike to taste it and tell him if it's human. Mike laughs, but no one else is laughing with him. They just stare, and Tommy says, "Sometime today would be nice."

Chief talks to an older gentleman who admits to pouring the urine down the stairway. Lou asks where he got the twenty giant jars of urine from in the first place. The guy says it's his. He explains that his landlord told him seven or eight months ago that he had to move because he was acting crazy, so he decided to show them what crazy was. Chief agrees that it's pretty crazy, as the cops show up to take the guy downtown.

Tommy and Franco walk back to the truck. Franco tells Tommy how Lou went out to Aspen for some retreat related to the 9/11 widows. Lou got talking to some shrink over beers, and the shrink told him to start writing poetry to deal with his emotions, and Lou's doing it. Tommy doesn't believe it. Franco insists that someone from another house read it and told him about it. Lou walks up and asks what they're doing, and Franco says, "Nothing." Lou tells them, "You've got that down to a goddamn science." I love Lou. He orders various people to help get the truck packed back up. Lou complains that the deputy mayor was quoted in the paper saying that firefighters don't deserve a raise because they spend 95% of their time sleeping, and the other 5% fighting fires. Lou concludes, "Goddamn Jew bag. Christ. I mean, any moron could see we spend at least 2% of our time cleaning up piss." Tommy asks Lou how he's doing, and Lou says he's fine. Tommy keeps asking, and Lou gets suspicious and asks why Tommy's busting his balls. They get into a bit of a fight about it before Lou leaves to finish packing up the truck. Tommy hears a little girl nearby, and then sees her standing there, holding a cat. She thanks him for saving her cat. Tommy looks around to see if anyone else is witnessing this, and when he turns back, the girl is gone.

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Rescue Me




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