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Tommy walks into Janet's house and calls out, "Honey! I'm home!" Janet reminds him that he has to knock now, and wait for her to answer the door. Tommy starts going through some papers on the desk. He finds a booklet advertising properties in California and starts leafing through it. Janet walks into the room and grabs it from him while complaining that he's late. Tommy starts an argument, which Janet interrupts by calling for the kids. Tommy grabs a cookie from the plate on the table and takes a big bite. Janet reports that Tommy's mother is doing better, and Tommy says he talked to his brother Johnny, but his thought is interrupted when he realizes that the cookies suck. Janet laughs and tells him to pretend they are great, because his daughter Katie made them for Tommy and his co-workers. Katie shows up, and Tommy gives her a big hug and tells her that she makes the best cookies in the world. He tells her to get her books, and then spits the rest of the cookie into the sink.

Janet walks over and says that she needs money. Tommy says he's doing a porch this weekend with Lou and Franco, and Janet rolls her eyes and gives him the big "whatever." Tommy shakes his head and says that the "'whatever' thing" is annoying, because he's working his ass off at three jobs. Janet says that she has three jobs too, but their fight is cut short by the arrival of their kids. Tommy gets Katie, his son Connor, and his oldest daughter Colleen, ready to go. Janet reminds Connor of his homework, and reports that Colleen has lost her phone privileges for the night. Colleen complains that the punishment should only apply to Janet's house. Tommy rolls his eyes and asks what happened. Janet says that he snuck a boy in her room. Tommy is suddenly interested and asks what boy. Janet says it was the oldest Murphy boy, the one with the pierced eyebrow. Colleen protests that they were studying. Janet gives her the big "whatever." Tommy tells Colleen not to make that face at her mother, and then complains that her pants are too low.

At Tommy's house, Katie works on some homework at the dining-room table. Tommy walks in and sets some cash down on the table, then calls the other kids into the room. When they arrive, he announces that they're going to play a game so that he can get information about Mommy's new boyfriend. The kids clam up, until Katie says that Mom doesn't want them to talk about it while they're there. Tommy explains that's where the money comes in. He starts off by asking if any of them knows anything about the idea of moving to California. He stares at each kid in turn, and when none of them responds, he says that's the $50 question. He moves on to a $5 question: what is the new boyfriend's name? Connor reports that it's Roger, and Tommy hands over the cash. Tommy offers $10 for Roger's address. Colleen says they don't know, but that it's nearby. Tommy asks what Roger does for a living. Colleen says that he works for "a finance thing, like a group. A financial group." Tommy hands over more cash. Tommy returns to the original question and asks if anybody knows about moving to California. All three kids raise their hand like they're Horshack and Tommy is Mr. Kotter. Colleen takes the money and says that Roger is getting transferred there next month, and that their mom has been trying to sell them on how great California is. Connor adds that she promised they could go to Disneyland. Tommy hands out the rest of the cash to his kids.

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