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Jimmy asks if Tommy really wants to do that, and Tommy says that no one deserves it more than he does, since he has to watch his wife with Roger. He has to? Who is forcing him to? Jimmy says that Janet is Tommy's ex-wife, and Tommy says that she's not yet. Jimmy says that the divorce is happening, and then realizes that Tommy is still in love with Janet. He says that Tommy is the asshole, not Roger. Tommy says that he's not in love with Janet, but that he has feelings for her as the mother of his children. He wants her to fall in love with somebody else, but he wants it to happen "in a normal amount of time -- like, three, four years tops." Jimmy wants to bring us all up to speed, so he asks why they've separated. Tommy says that, according to Janet, he couldn't open up or be emotionally available. Jimmy asks if it's true, and Tommy says that it's true of Jimmy too. Jimmy reminds him that he's dead, so he has an excuse. Tommy thinks that's a cheap shot. Katie comes out and asks Tommy whom he's talking to. Tommy says he was just watching television.

Firehouse. A bunch of guys watch a football game. Tommy tells Franco that Roger stole his FDNY lighter. Franco asks about the lighter, and Tommy says that his cousin Jimmy gave it to him when he quit smoking, because he won't accept medals. Franco thinks Tommy has bigger things to worry about, and reminds him that when he and Janet split, he bragged to everyone that it was going to be "booze, broads, and blowjobs, blah blah blah." But now Tommy sits home and spies on his ex. Tommy reminds Franco about "that blonde at the club last week." Flashback to Tommy talking to some young blonde. Franco admits that the chick was hot, but reminds Tommy that when they have sex with women who aren't their wives, they share all the details with the guys. Tommy says, "Maybe I'm a gentleman." Chief walks by and says, "Oh, yeah? Maybe I'm growing tits." Tommy retorts, "Hey, check a mirror, pal."

Once Chief is out of earshot, Franco asks Tommy if he banged the broad, and Tommy says he did it three times. Franco asks if he used Viagra, and Tommy says that it was all natural. Flashback to Tommy standing outside the club, telling the blonde that he's "in a transitional type of situation type of thing." Tommy stammers his way through an explanation of why he's conflicted. The blonde just slips him her phone number and goes on her way. Franco wants more details than that. Before Tommy can make something up, the alarm goes off. Chief complains, "Lick me blind! This computerized broad is running my life! I got two hundred bucks on this game."

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Rescue Me




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