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The trucks drive down the street. Tommy sits inside, and remembers digging through the wreckage on September 11th. He's looking for Bobby Vincent when he hears a voice. He finds Bobby's disembodied head. Bobby asks where Jimmy is, and then says he can't feel his legs.

The trucks arrive at the fire. Franco helps Mike to grab a ladder as Garrity comments that "Probie's gonna get his cherry popped tonight." On the other side of the truck, Tommy takes a swig of liquor from a miniature bottle and tells himself, "Come on, asshole. Be a man. Right now." Lou walks over to two guys who are struggling to open a fire hydrant. Billy tells them about another location for water, and they take off to find it. He rattles off the locations so quickly, that one of the other firefighters refers to him as "Rain Man."

Inside the building, people are being evacuated. Tommy leads the guys up the stairs as they get information over the radio that there are people in apartment 4B. Tommy hands his axe to Mike and busts down the door to an apartment. The place is filled with smoke. Tommy crawls through the apartment. After a few moments, Mike starts panicking and calling out for Tommy. Downstairs, Franco says an "Our Father." Tommy finds Mike and yells at him for not staying close. Tommy finds a bed and looks underneath. He pulls out a kid. Downstairs, Franco is still praying. Tommy makes his way to a closet, where he finds another kid. Franco radios up to find out what's going on, and Tommy reports that he found two kids.

Downstairs, Tommy hands over the kids. Franco tells him that there are still people in 4B. Mike thinks that was amazing, and sits down. Tommy says it's not over. Chief reports that there's a family of ten in 5A. Franco says that Lou heard noises in 6F. They all head back in.

Lou and Billy stand in a blackened apartment, looking for an ashtray. Chief walks in, and they report that the primary search is complete. He tells them to start a secondary search. He spots a grubby TV and asks someone what channel the game is on.

Tommy and Mike bust into another apartment, and a naked guy attacks them with a baseball bat. Mike tries to hand Tommy a spatula, and Tommy asks, "You wanna flip him? He's a junkie, not an omelet." Tommy finally manages to get in two or three good punches, but the guy doesn't even flinch. The guy hits Tommy with the bat, and Tommy grabs it. The guy charges him, and Tommy swings the bat into his side. You could totally tell it was a rubber bat. It bent, like, in half. Anyway, the guy falls to the ground, and Mike and Tommy prepare to drag him outside.

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Rescue Me




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