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Franco sits on Laura's front steps and sobs, his head in his arms.

Chief drives home from Connecticut with Rose, sobbing behind the wheel. Maybe she should drive.

Jeannie runs out of the facility, screaming, and has to be subdued by a nurse.

Tommy pulls up in front of the Hoboken train station and sprints inside. The clock outside says that he only has about one minute to interrupt Teddy. Once inside, he dodges various people in the crowd and tries to find the right track.

Joss Whedon gets off a train, accompanied by a few cops, laughing and joking around. Teddy and Pa wait nearby. Tommy runs toward them from the other direction. Joss Whedon and his handlers chuckle merrily as they walk through the train station. Teddy approaches, and then pulls a gun out of a folded newspaper. It's a total Jack Ruby moment. Tommy arrives just as the shot is fired. You see Joss Whedon fall, but you don't see if he was hit, or where. Tommy gets a splotch of blood on his cheek, he's so close to the action. Chaos breaks out. Teddy gets tackled by a cop. Pa turns and looks at Tommy, who wipes the spot of blood from his face, and then turns and tries to make his way through the gathering crowd out of the train station. Well. I don't really know what to say about all that.

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Rescue Me




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