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Tommy's phone rings. It's Sheila, who's sobbing. Tommy tells her that he can't come over right now. Sheila sobs that she's at Debbie's, and we see Sheila crouching on the floor, trying to hide from Debbie, who is taunting her and throwing glasses. You do have to wonder why Sheila would go over to Debbie's in the first place, but I don't think logic and reason have much to do with people in abusive relationships in general and Sheila in particular. Tommy hears that Sheila is actually under attack and asks for Debbie's address.

Garrity sits in a pew at a church and talks to God. He explains that he's really confused, and that he always believed that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell. Garrity adds that "an innocent child or a baby that choked on something" would go to limbo, except that got cancelled. Garrity talks about Connor being dead, and Katie insisting that there's no heaven, and he feels like he's getting mixed signals. He asks God for a sign, and then closes his eyes and prays. Nothing happens. He waits a little longer, and decides that nothing is going to happen. As he stands up to leave, he sees something on a statue of the Virgin Mary. He walks over and sees that it appears as if the statue is crying real tears. Garrity exclaims, "Holy shit!" and then immediately apologizes. To the statue. Hee! He thanks the statue, and God, and then runs out.

Tommy arrives at Debbie's, and Sheila pulls him inside and explains that Debbie snapped and went totally apeshit, and now she's in the back, cooling off. Debbie walks out and sarcastically says that this has turned into a party with Tommy's arrival. Tommy says that Debbie needs to leave Sheila alone. Tommy quietly tells Sheila to go upstairs for a few minutes, and Sheila leaves. Debbie makes some more sarcastic comments, and Tommy tells her again to stop hitting Sheila. Tommy walks toward her, and Debbie asks, "What? You want a taste?" Tommy takes a few more steps, and Debbie says, "I'm petrified." And then she clocks him right in the face. Tommy looks at her, his face a mix of anger and wonder and a bunch of other emotions. Emotions! On Tommy's face! Tommy asks Debbie to hit him again, so she does. Hard. Tommy looks back at her, his lower lip quivering, his face filled with sorrow. He asks her to do it one more time, and she does. And this time, Tommy collapses to the floor, sobbing from his gut. Debbie walks out of the room and finds Sheila standing nearby, listening. She says that she's going to go get a drink, and Sheila should go help Tommy, who sounds like he's vomiting up tears. Jesus. Denis Leary acted the shit out of that scene. It could have been really over-the-top, or trite, but his face conveyed the idea of someone who had been completely numb for days, and was so excited to finally feel SOMETHING, even if it was excruciating pain, that he was willing to subject himself to it over and over. And then the feeling SOMETHING caused him to start to feel EVERYTHING that he'd been denying for the better part of a week. Incredible.

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Rescue Me




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