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The crew shows up at a fire, and they're charged with rescuing some people on the upper floors. Tommy starts barking orders at Mike, who is unable to comply, and Tommy walks away in disgust. Lou says that it's nice to have Tommy back, so I guess his cathartic punching-bag experience sort of reset his personality.

The crew arrives on the roof, and Lou starts giving out orders. Tommy spots a guy hanging out of a window, but they can't find anything to tie a rope to so that one of them can be lowered down to the guy who needs rescuing. Lou and Tommy immediately decide on a maneuver where all of the crew will basically serve as anchors for the rope, and the guys swing into action. Franco is elected to be the rescuer, and he tells Laura, "See you later." Laura looks worried as Franco lowers himself over the edge of the rooftop. Lou directs the guys as Franco slides down the side of the building until he reaches the guy on the ledge, who is freaking out because he thinks Franco is going to make him fall. Suddenly, the guy leaps into Franco's arms, nearly causing the anchors on top to drop the rope. Everyone piles on top of the anchors to add extra counterweight, and Franco swings into an open window a few floors below the fire, his rescuee in tow. The anchors all groan that they're being crushed, and everyone starts peeling off.

Chief radios up to Lou that they have another person in need of rescuing, but that they can't get them another rope to use, so they'll have to reuse the one from Franco's rescue. Apparently, reusing the ropes is a big no-no in firefighting, but they have no choice. Laura immediately volunteers to be the one lowered down, seeing as how she's the lightest one on the crew, but Lou says no, because if something happens, he'll be blamed for letting a girl put herself in danger. Tommy says that he's going, and Laura stands there, shocked that she's still having to prove herself every day.

Chief radios back up to ask what's taking so long, and Lou promises that they're on it. Tommy starts to be lowered down, past many smoking windows. He reaches the window where a little girl says that she can't leave, because she promised her mom that she wouldn't leave the apartment. Tommy convinces the girl to grab onto him, and he continues his descent to an open window on a floor below the fire. As Tommy passes the girl off to the firefighters inside the window, he notices that she bears a strong resemblance to Connor. He stares at her, dangling from the rope, and suddenly the rope snaps. Tommy manages to grab onto the window ledge, and the firefighters pull him inside.

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Rescue Me




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