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Back at the firehouse, Tommy asks Lou if he wants to go get some food. Lou says that he needs to go shopping for some new clothes for his big date. He adds, "That huge explosion you're going to hear tomorrow night about 8:15? That's gonna be Lou getting it on." Tommy promises to light a candle. Lou says again that it's nice to hear Tommy's voice, but then they have to insult each other so that no one thinks they're gay or something.

Grinch walks up and offers his condolences to Tommy. Tommy doesn't offer his condolences to Grinch's razor, which clearly died a painful death. Grinch suggests that Tommy take three days off and have a little bender. Tommy insists that he's fine, but Grinch says that he heard different. Tommy looks stunned and says that he'd rather work, but Grinch is already gone. Tommy pulls out his cell phone and calls Mick, to tell him that Grinch is still having Tommy followed. Mick asks how Tommy knows that, and Tommy explains what just happened. Mick thinks Tommy is overreacting. Tommy walks to the firehouse doorway for a smoke, and sees Grinch getting into his car. Just as Grinch dials his own phone, Mick says that he has another call. When Grinch hangs up, Mick clicks back in, and the pieces fall into place in Tommy's brain.

Mick walks down the street, and as he turns a corner, Tommy grabs him and starts yelling at him for snitching. Mick tries to deny it at first, but then says that Grinch called him, and that Mick didn't want Tommy to "go slipping and sliding away like last time." Tommy yells that Grinch is his biggest enemy, and I think Tommy might want to look into the concept that having enemies past the age of, like, thirteen is a little ridiculous. What are you, a superhero? Mick yells that he's just trying to be a good sponsor. Tommy tells Mick, "You're dead to me!" and starts walking away. Mick yells out that it worked, because Tommy gave his real name and occupation at a meeting for the first time, and admitted that he's an alcoholic. Tommy accuses Mick of being a Judas, but Mick says he's more like Peter the Apostle, being a rock for Tommy. Mick asks Tommy if he's had a drink today. Tommy yells that he hasn't had a drink in three months. Mick runs down all the things that Tommy might be feeling -- angry, hurt, and betrayed. Tommy agrees to all of them, and Mick says that at least Tommy is feeling something, and that it's because he's sober, and that's because of AA. Mick says he doesn't care what Tommy does now, because he did his part and got Tommy sober. Now it's up to Tommy. Frightening thought.

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Rescue Me




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