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Teddy helps Janet and the kids pack up their belongings as Tommy sits on the couch and stares into space. Tommy walks into the bedroom, where Janet is packing clothes, and closes the door. She comments that this would have been a lot easier if he had stayed away like she asked. Tommy wants to talk, but Janet thinks there's nothing to say. Tommy presses ahead anyway, and says that he told Connor to go inside and get his helmet. Judging by his injuries, I don't think a helmet would have saved Connor's life, regardless. Janet says that Tommy didn't check up on Connor, and just kept his head up his ass, where it always is. Janet thinks that's true unless Tommy's fighting fires, where he saves strangers, and yet he couldn't keep an eye on his own son. Janet storms out, and Tommy has no response.

Tommy and Teddy say goodbye to Janet and the kids. Colleen and Katie hug their father, and Katie doesn't want to let go. Janet pries her away from her father, and Teddy hands Janet some cash as they leave. Johnny carries a bag for Janet (you see what I'm saying?), but stops and quietly tells Tommy that Joss's train is arriving in Hoboken the next day at 5:30 PM. Johnny promises to take care of the girls. I'm sure he will. Especially Janet.

Tommy, Teddy, and Pa sit around the kitchen table and discuss the Joss situation. Pa insists that Tommy shouldn't kill anyone. Lest you think he has a moral opposition to murder, it's actually because Pa wants to be the one to do the killing. Pa points out that Tommy would lose everything, but that Pa has nothing to lose. Teddy insists that he's the one to do the shooting. Pa says that he had first dibs, and Tommy asks if they're really calling dibs on this. Teddy argues, "You're like, what? A hundred and ten years old? We send you in to do the job. You fall asleep. You wake up a half-hour later, you go to scratch yourself in the leg and you shoot yourself right in the balls." Pa says that he killed some Germans in hand-to-hand combat in the war, and Teddy says that he killed people in Vietnam. They continue arguing about who's more suited to do the job, which degenerates into a wrestling match, which Tommy has to break up. Tommy says that he realizes he can't be the one to do it, because if he goes to jail, his remaining kids are screwed. Teddy begs to be the one to do it. He points out that he has no wife, no house, and no kids: "Let me do one good thing. Let me do it for Connor." Tommy still isn't sure, and Teddy says he needs it. Tommy asks if Teddy can get a gun, and Teddy says he'll make the call right now.

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Rescue Me




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