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At the ice rink, everyone is back in street clothes. One of Tommy's players complains that they need Probie on the team, and Tommy promises to work on it. His phone rings, and it's his brother, John, who says that Tommy needs to give Damien money for sending Roger that computer virus. Tommy refuses to pay Damien his requested $500, and John says that if Tommy doesn't pay, Damien's going to tell Sheila. Tommy sighs and agrees to pay. Ryan walks by and conks Tommy in the head "accidentally." John asks Tommy to call their father, because he seems strange. Tommy wants details, but John just wants Tommy to make the call.

Probie walks up to the firehouse with his hockey equipment. Andrew, the guy he saved from the fire, greets him outside, and asks when they're going to schedule their dinner. Probie tries to beg off, claiming that he's busy with his new hockey team. Andrew says he'll call next week to set something up. Probie looks worried that Andrew has his phone number. Andrew wishes Probie good luck with his game, and gives him a big hug. Probie looks terrified.

Tommy calls his father, played by Charles Durning. The whole scene is subtitled to let us know what they are really saying to each other. It would be really long to list every single one, so I'll just hit the highlights. Pa Gavin says he's watching the baseball game, but really means that his wife is driving him nuts. He talks shit about some of the pitchers on the baseball game, but really means, "I miss you, I love you, and I'm very proud of you." Tommy says something innocuous which means, "I love you, too." Pa says, "Well, okay then," which really means that he wants to get off the phone. Tommy promises to call in a couple of days, which means that he wants to get off the phone too. They hang up. I thought that was a hilarious representation of how what we say to our loved ones is dripping with subtext most of the time.

Franco and Garrity watch TV in the firehouse. Probie walks in, and they ask him how practice went. Probie says it was fine, but that the captain of the team is kind of a jerk. Garrity guesses, "Tommy?" Probie says he means the other captain...and Tommy. Garrity says he likes hockey, but can't play, because he has weak ankles. Franco says, "Yeah, that's not the only thing you got that's weak." Garrity doesn't get the joke. Franco explains that he meant that Garrity has a weak mind. Garrity gets all pissy because Franco is always ripping on him. Franco spots a flyer on the bulletin board and reads it. It's an announcement for a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder seminar for anyone who wants to discuss their feelings about 9/11. Lou quickly grabs it and calls the people "a bunch of goddamn crybabies" who are "probably still broken up about the Hindenberg going down." Probie asks what the Hindenberg is, and Garrity explains that it's "one of the space shuttles." Franco just looks at him and says, "Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case." Garrity asks with disgust, "What jury?"

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