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Tommy walks into Jimmy and Sheila's house, calling for Damien, who walks into the kitchen. Tommy asks if Sheila is there, and Damien says she's not yet, and then seeks praise for the virus he sent Roger. Damien says he just sent a second virus through, for free. This brings him around to asking Tommy for the money. Tommy says that Damien did a great job, but that he's not getting paid. Tommy thinks it's about the principle. Since Tommy is Damien's godfather, it's his job to make sure that Damien does the right thing which, in this case, is not taking the money. Tommy tries to leave while Damien stares at him like, "Can you believe this bullshit?" Before Tommy reaches the door, Damien says he'll tell Sheila. Tommy says he'll give Damien the money in an account he can't access until he's eighteen. Damien starts to dial the phone to call his mom, and when Tommy protests, Damien explains that Tommy asked him to do something illegal, which he did, and now he wants his money. Tommy still refuses to pay. Damien threatens to tell not only Sheila, but also the cops, the fire department, and Janet. Tommy grits his teeth and gives Damien three hundred dollars. Damien says he can owe him the rest. Tommy points at Damien and says, "You know what? I was at your christening, and I didn't drown you. So let's think about who owes who."

Sheila walks in with grocery bags as Damien quickly pockets the cash and heads to his room. Tommy helps Sheila put away the groceries as they discuss their sucky lives. Tommy figures Sheila has heard all of Janet's opinions on their marriage, and Sheila says Janet doesn't really call her anymore. She hasn't talked to Janet since Christmas, but she figures Janet just doesn’t know what to say. Tommy is surprised by this. Sheila says that she has good days and bad days, but that it helps to have close friends like Lisa when she wants to spend the night "crying [her] eyes out and cursing the gods." Tommy says that sounds like his life if you replace the crying with "whiskey and black rage." Sheila asks casually if Tommy is drinking again, and Tommy denies it, claiming that he was kidding.

Lou calls Dr. Tompkins, the counselor who's in charge of the PTSD seminar. Lou explains that he's a firefighter and that he was there on 9/11. Dr. Tompkins is way too excited about this major get, and starts babbling about how incredible it would be to have someone who was actually there to come and speak to the group. Before they can discuss the arrangements further, Lou is interrupted by Garrity, and quickly hangs up the phone.

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Rescue Me




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