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I can't believe I haven't done this yet, but a huge shout-out to Shelwood, for hooking me up with some of these episodes. If this were an '80s movie, I would start the slow clap, which would build into cheering and yelling, and then we would hike Shelwood up on our shoulders and then there would be a freeze frame and the credits would roll.

Colleen sits up in her hospital bed, looking fairly healthy, except for the giant bandage around her head. What is that bandage even doing anyway? Holding her hair back? Because it doesn't look like it's doing much in the way of...bandaging anything. Colleen flips through a magazine and asks Tommy, who's sitting nearby, if he's sure that the Murphy kid hasn't sent her anything, like flowers. Colleen nasals that she can't believe he hasn't called, and that he's such a jerk. Her voice sounds just like Meadow Soprano's. Tommy assures her that all of the Murphys are jerks. A nurse knocks on the door and gestures for Tommy to come into the hallway, so Tommy offers to get Colleen a drink and walks out.

Once Tommy and the nurse are out in the hallway, the nurse gestures to a giant flower/balloon bouquet, and says that it's the fourth one the Murphy kid has sent. She and Tommy briefly discuss where to reroute the gift (psychiatric unit for the flowers, and the candy went to "the cancer kids"). Tommy crumples up the card and thanks her.

At the firehouse, Franco asks Garrity what he's doing that night. Garrity is all jumpy and nervous. Franco says he's got an in at the Soho House, but Garrity suddenly has existing plans. Franco takes a drag on his cigarette and blows smoke out his nose like an angry bull. I'm always interested in which actors are really smokers and which ones just smoke for the role. Daniel Sunjata is a real smoker. Tommy asks who put a poem on the bulletin board. Lou acts innocent. Tommy reads the horrible poem aloud as the camera cuts to Lou reciting the poem silently with him. When Tommy finishes, Lou says that the poem is "powerful," and Tommy agrees that it's "powerfully bad." Poor Lou. Lou thinks it's okay because it rhymes, but Tommy says his kid can rhyme things. The guy try to name a famous poet, and Garrity suggests, "Angie Dickinson!" Tommy busts his balls, and Franco says he means "Emily Dickinson, the belle of Amherst." Tommy is surprised that Franco knows poetry, and Franco explains, "I jacked off to a picture of her once when I was eleven. Her hair was all tied back. She's kind of hot, if you like that type." Um. Okay.

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