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Firehouse. Garrity approaches Laura -- oh, dude, she was on Roswell! -- and she asks him sassily (she does quite a bit of sassing, I'm here to guess) if he's still hung over. Garrity reminds her that a week has passed before copping to the fact that, yes, he is still kind of hung over. Heh. But that's not what's brought him to this corner of the firehouse today. Instead, it's that he wants to explain something, but a snippy Laura won't have any of it, cutting him off abruptly after he gets in only "I was wrong." Laura clarifies: "You were wrong? Franco didn't sleep with the nurse." Garrity's sense of comic timing does not leave him as he's all, "No, of course he slept with the nurse..." before Laura cuts him off again and says she doesn't want to hear it. But undeterred by the reason that would make a smarter man realize when his voice has become a nuisance, Garrity stumbles on that he was jealous -- yeah, jealous -- because he and Laura had once had that "thingy." Laura, translating into English, is again forced to clarify: "We were going to go on a date and we didn't? How is that a thing?" Uh, Laura, it's not a "thing," it's a "thingy." Sometimes it's like the two of you never even knew one another at all. They banter like a screwball comedy performed by a junior improv class for a second until Garrity finds a way to refocus the argument, noting, "The point is the nurse was just about getting the pills. It was about the pills." Laura seems convinced, and even starts to worry that she was being insensitive and that she overreacted. But she doesn't keep herself affixed to the cross for long, as Garrity quickly finds a way to stuff his foot and the whole big-ass fireman boot that covers it right into his mouth: "I mean the nurse, she was totally meaningless. It was like nothing. It was nothing like the waitress. The nurse didn't even have his home phone number." Ha! Good line. Laura freezes. Awkward. She chokes out, "What waitress?" and Garrity is caught with the best possible response: "Huh?" He tries to argue that he didn't mean to say waitress (he's damn right he didn't), and she bears down on him for an immediate answer. He asks with obvious futility, "Can we talk about something else?" Laura storms off, and I'm kind of surprised she did so without first clocking him, too.

"Big fat dead guy in a bathtub," Lou announces to Chief as Lou and Tommy walk out of a brick building. Chief asks him how fat, and Lou volleys, "Kirstie Alley in Fat Actress fat." Awww, they shot this a while ago. Not so much buzz on that show after all, fellas. Tommy adds that Fat Dead Guy has been dead since yesterday afternoon and that he left the water running. So they turned the water off and told the building superintendent to call the cops, Lou editorializing, "They want to run point on the next terrorist attack, let 'em start with the big fat dead guy." Was that scene really just set up for the final scene of this episode, arguably the only other pointless scene in this episode?

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