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And here's Laura, being confronted on the street outside of her apartment by Garrity, whom she tells to, basically, quit talking while he's ahead. He tells her he's been "concentrating, like, really hard on what I wanted to tell you." Awwww. So, so wonderfully dumb. Laura checks her watch and warns, "Okay. You have sixty seconds." This type of time pressure doesn't work for Garrity -- he's always seems like the untimed-SAT type anyway -- and he bumbles through trying to say anything at all, getting out, "Franco is..." before Laura busts in with an update: "Fifty-five." All Garrity can do is notice how nice Laura's watch is, which luckily turns out to be a plot development all of its own. She tells him that Franco gave it to her, and he tells her it's really nice, asking her if it's a Rolex. "No," she responds, "it's a Fossil." Garrity asks if that means it's really old (which is funny, but are we overplaying the dumb card this week? Y'all know better than I do), and she tells him that it means he now has ten seconds to just freakin' say what it is he came to say. Garrity tells her that this watch a testament to their love, in comparison to the aforementioned waitress, seeing as all he ever gave said waitress "was a stupid necklace." Well, now he's done it for the forty-seventh time. He tries to back out of having just admitted what he admitted, asking Laura how many more seconds he has. But she responds that she doesn't know, as she removes the watch and throws it on the ground, stamping on it and screaming, "I don't know! Because I! Broke! My! Watch!" With which she storms off in a huff, leaving Garrity behind, asking her, "Well, whose fault is that?" Man. This recap writes itself.

"It's a drug called Selectra, doc. I think it'll help me get over the hump." From what we've seen of its effects so far, it also seems like it'll help a great deal with the hump, har har har. Tommy walks the streets, talking on his cell phone to his doctor. In a split screen, because this is suddenly "The Telephone Hour" with Tommy in the role of Harvey Johnson, Tommy's doctor responds that he knows the drug, prescribes it often, and rarely finds any deleterious side effects. Tommy then assumes that doc can hook him up, but Tommy has another chemically-imbalanced think coming: "Not a chance. The last time you were here, you told me to kiss your white Irish ass." Oooh, that's the kind of shit you don't want showing up in your chart. Tommy's call ends with his doctor hanging up on him, which I have to say is pretty raw. But it proved a timely opportunity for Tommy to stare around after the call is terminated and see a kid staring at him. A kid who the "next on" tease at the end of this episode tells us is a very important kid. So, fans of foreshadowing, you have been warned.

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