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Tommy sits in his truck, trying to figure out where the gas station is that Colleen mentioned. The door opens, and Connor and Katie pour in and cover Tommy with hugs. Man, that office worker is so fired. Although it was an interesting choice by the writers to have it be easy to get the kids, and then see what happens when Tommy actually gets what he thinks he wants. Tommy sees a cop car approaching and he quickly takes off and tells the kids to act normal.

Montage time! Tommy drives off as the three kids happily sing "Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall."

Franco tosses some clothes in a bag and calls for Keela. When she doesn't respond, he goes into her room.

Mike, Lou, Laura, and Garrity head into a building for an apartment fire.

Tommy and the kids are still driving, but now the kids are fighting and pushing each other around.

Franco finds Keela lying still on her bed. He finds two of his pills in her hand. He listens for a heartbeat, and checks her pupils. Finally, he scoops her up and runs outside, calling for a taxi.

Lou and Mike go into a flaming apartment. They find a body on the floor, and Lou turns her over to reveal that it's Heather, with a giant gash on her forehead. Garrity walks in, and Mike tries to push him back so that he won't see. Garrity spots Heather, looks devastated, and walks out. I guess we're supposed to think that Heather passed out and hit her head on a table, and then died from either loss of blood or more likely, smoke inhalation.

Tommy drives some more, and all his kids are asleep. He yawns and glances in the rearview mirror, where Jesus is giving him the L-for-Loser sign. Heh.

Janet walks into the school office and freaks out when she hears that her kids are gone.

Tommy parks his truck on the side of the road, ostensibly for a smoke break, but more likely for a peace and quiet break, since the kids are still fighting in the cab. Colleen tries to calm her siblings down, but then throws her hands up in disgust. Tommy looks like he realizes that maybe this wasn't his best idea. And that's saying something, because dude has had some BAD ideas.

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