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Lou cheerily greets Mike McManus, and notes that McManus is about to retire from firefighting. McManus asks if Lou is going to the bone marrow donation thing this afternoon, and adds that the mayor is going to be there. Lou's not interested. McManus points out that they are the only two donors with surviving recipients. Lou finally agrees to go, if only to hit the mayor in the balls for not giving them a raise. Heather walks through and says hello, and McManus recognizes her because "she's banged every firefighter in the tri-state area." Lou laughs, probably already thinking of eight million ways to rib Garrity about it.

Johnny walks up and notes that Tommy isn't in jail yet, and then asks if Tommy has a plan to get his kids back. Tommy lies that he has a plan, but that he's still putting the finishing touches on it. Johnny points out that no school is going to let Tommy waltz in and take his kids. Tommy says that Colleen told him that the schools have his picture, so they definitely won't let him in. Johnny can't believe Tommy is using his own daughter as an accomplice. Johnny asks where the kids are going to sleep in Tommy's tiny apartment. Tommy stammers out a plan that involves someone (not Tommy) sleeping on the couch. Johnny advises Tommy to drop his kids off in a forest on the way home, because they'd have a better chance of making it with a pack of wolves. Tommy doesn't want to hear it. Johnny's parting words are "When you're in jail in some hick town, taking it up the ass from Otis the Drunk, don't call me. You'll be on your own, bro." Tommy retorts, "No, I won't. I'll have Otis." He flicks his cigarette at his departing brother.

Tommy calls Sheila and asks when her next doctor's appointment is, because he wants to be more involved in the whole process. Sheila looks worried, and tries to figure out how to get out of this one. Tommy continues to turn the screws by saying that he's decided that he should be a coach and check out the microwave (by which he means ultrasound). Sheila says that she just had an appointment, and won't have another for another month. Tommy suggests a drop-in visit and, when Sheila rebuffs that, asks for her doctor's name, under the guise of "taking an interest." Sheila says she told him a few months ago, and he blew her off, so she won't tell him now. Tommy continues to push the drop-in, and Sheila hangs up on him and looks worried.

Lou has just told Garrity about his girlfriend's past. Garrity doesn't see what the big deal is, and Lou says that Heather has banged half of the FDNY. That's why she looked familiar to him. Garrity recognizes one of Heather's exes as "the guy with the webbed toes," who Lou says is "the best swimmer in the department," but Garrity says that he thinks Heather is "pretty neat." Lou laughs at Garrity's description, and then continues to try to convince Garrity to dump her, but Garrity says he doesn't care if she's dated "four or five or a dozen other firemen." Then he asks Lou if it's more than a dozen, and Lou says that it definitely is. Garrity thinks that's fine, and tries to convince himself that he's okay with it.

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