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Garrity and Heather walk down the street. Garrity says he wants to ask her something, and Heather sticks out her boobs and says, "They're real." Garrity chuckles and says that she doesn't need to answer this question. Heather says she'll tell him anything. Garrity asks if she's dated any other firefighters before. Heather promises always to tell him the truth, and that she has. Garrity asks how many, and Heather says it was only a couple, and that she forgot everyone else when she met Garrity. Garrity chuckles, but immediately returns to his line of questioning, and tries to pin Heather down to a number. Heather won't admit anything. Garrity asks where she met the guys, and Heather says that when you start dating one, you get to know his buddies. Garrity blurts, "But you don't have to, like, sleep with all of them." As soon as he says it, he realizes his error. Heather looks offended and says she's going home. Garrity pulls her back and apologizes for being an idiot. They kiss and he asks, "It's just you and me, right?" Heather says, "I don't know," which only confuses Garrity more.

Chief sits in his den, watching the game. Pete walks in and reports on Jeannie's actions of the day. As soon as Pete sits down, Chief says he's tired, and that he's going to bed. Pete sits there alone.

Tommy and Lou discuss Lou's weird bone marrow recipient. Lou points out that donating bone marrow isn't exactly pleasant, because it involves "getting wheeled into surgery and having a spigot shoved into [your] spine like a goddamn maple tree at the height of sap season." Tommy can't believe the guy didn't thank Lou at all, and Lou says he's tempted to find out the guy's name and go tell him off. Tommy gets back to his favorite subject, himself, and asks if he can crash at Lou's place for a few nights. He adds that Colleen is staying with Pa Gavin, but Tommy isn't interested in staying at the House of A Thousand Cats. Lou says that he sold his house and has been secretly staying at the firehouse. He tells Tommy that there's plenty of room, with one caveat: "I don't spoon." Tommy asks, "Since when?"

Sheila grabs some snacks out of a cupboard in her house, and that woman has the most well-stocked snack cabinet I've ever seen. It's packed to the gills with food. She walks into another room, and once she's gone, Tommy sneaks in the back door and into the kitchen. He finds a bill or statement or something with Sheila's doctor's name on it. Sheila hears him and calls out, thinking it's Damien. She walks back into the kitchen, still eating, but Tommy isn't there. Once she walks out again, Tommy runs out of the cupboard where he was hiding and exits quickly out the back door.

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Rescue Me




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