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Tommy shows up at Sheila's doctor's office and tells the receptionist that he's with Sheila Keefe. The receptionist thinks he's Mr. Keefe, and Tommy doesn't correct her. The receptionist says she will let the doctor, Dr. Feinberg, know that Tommy is there.

Chief approaches Garrity in the locker room and asks to talk. Garrity says that if it's about Heather and her prior dating history, he's already heard it and he's not interested in rehashing it. Chief says it's slightly different. Grinch read the report on Heather's fire, and realized that it's the third friend's apartment Heather was staying in when it caught fire. Chief adds that, in two fires, candles got too close to some curtains, and in one, the fire started with newspaper in a bathtub. Chief asks if Garrity gets the message. Garrity, of course, doesn't. Chief says that Heather is a firebug, and that she probably starts fires to meet firefighters. Garrity gets all fired up (no pun intended), and Chief points out that no fire starts in an empty bathtub unless someone lights it, and orders Garrity to get rid of her. Garrity just hangs his head.

Tommy sits in Dr. Feinberg's office and stammers that he and Sheila are separated, so they're not really communicating. Dr. Feinberg says that he does this for a living, and that he's seen it all in terms of relationships, so he knows that Sheila isn't keeping Tommy updated on the pregnancy. He seems sympathetic to Tommy's plight and asks what the last thing is that Tommy found out. Tommy says that the last he knew, Sheila was having a healthy and happy baby. Dr. Feinberg pulls a face and says that he has other patients. He hands Tommy a folder and says that everything Tommy needs to know is on the top page. You know, I'm not saying this is unrealistic, because I'm sure there are unethical doctors out there. But it's not only unethical, it's a violation of HIPAA laws, unless Sheila said that her husband was allowed to see her records, which she wouldn't, because this clearly is a different doctor than the one she saw when Jimmy was alive, or he would know that Jimmy died. It seems like the doctor is just doing it because Tommy is a dude. Then again, the doctor has also met Sheila, so maybe that's why he empathizes.

The doctor leaves, and Tommy scans the sheet, which appears to be a sort of log of Sheila's various doctor visits. The last entry says, "Pt miscarries, refuses further treatment." Tommy makes a mouth like a cat's butt and hears a voice telling him that the doctor needs the office back. Tommy stands up to leave, and then looks up to see Jimmy, who punches him, hard. Jimmy continues to beat Tommy up and calls him a cocksucker. Jimmy gives a speech about how pissed he was when he found out about Tommy and Sheila, which is why he's stayed away recently. Tommy tries to talk, but Jimmy tells him to shut up, or he'll kill Tommy and "send him into this goddamn limbo" where Jimmy lives. Jimmy says that Sheila had "the microwave" and found out she was having a girl. That's why Jimmy didn't do anything: because he wanted Sheila to be happy, because she always wanted a girl. Frankly, I think it's a really good thing that Sheila never had a daughter. Imagine how fucked up she would be. Jimmy insists that Tommy needs to get Sheila pregnant again so that she can have her girl. He continues to beat the crap out of Tommy, insisting that Tommy fuck his wife some more. Dr. Feinberg walks in and finds Tommy lying on the floor. I've often wondered what it looks like to an outsider when Tommy is interacting with a ghost. I guess now I know.

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