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Pete comes downstairs in his parents' house to find Chief sitting at the dining-room table. He reports that his mother took a shower without incident and was telling him clear, detailed stories about Pete's grandmother. Chief thinks they should write the stories down for when the inevitable happens. Pete says that this isn't easy, and Chief says it's a "hateful disease." Pete says that he was talking about his relationship with his father, which has never been easy, even though it seemed easier when his mother was around to be a buffer. Chief stands up and says that he's going upstairs to read. Pete asks him to stay so that they can talk about "all the stuff [they've] never talked about, which is pretty much everything." Chief says he's exhausted from work, and Pete asks if he's really that scared. Chief stands there for a minute, and then sits back down and agrees to talk.

Franco is tearing Keela's room apart, looking for his pills. Keela says that one of her bears has them, and then suggests that they might be under the bed. Franco starts losing it, and says that he's already looked everywhere. He yells that he's already looked under the bed, and then flips Keela's bed upside down and screams that he needs his pills. Keela flinches and then hides in the corner.

Garrity and Heather sit outside on some steps. Heather goes on about how clean the air smells. Garrity brings up the fire the other day, and asks if she wants to tell him how it started. Heather tells the same story she's been telling, but Garrity interrupts and says that people have been talking about her and her many fires, and that he thought she was going to be honest with him. Heather finally admits that she started the one in the bathtub. Garrity looks devastated, but not surprised. Heather doesn't think it's a big deal, and promises never to do it again. Garrity says he can't see her anymore, because what she did goes against everything he is. Garrity stands up and starts walking away as Heather says that she's sorry and that nobody got hurt. Garrity sadly says, "Yeah. Nobody."

Colleen and Tommy are in his truck, driving to get Connor and Katie. Colleen says that she's never getting married and she's never getting pregnant. Tommy says that she's just made him very happy. Colleen thought Sheila was going to pop a vein, and Tommy says that they don't have to worry about her anymore, because she's out of the picture. Colleen sighs that she's bored, and Tommy says that he can't really entertain her right now because he's driving. Tommy tells her to take a nap, and Colleen says that she's too bored to take a nap, which makes no sense. I can always take a nap. I love naps. Tommy mutters something about how this is going to be fun. Why does he want his kids back, again?

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Rescue Me




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