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Lou and Leon are having a drink in a bar. Leon says that he had the surgery, and that his health was better than it ever was. Lou points out that Leon doesn't exactly seem happy. Leon says that, after the surgery, his wife left him. It seems that they both thought he was going to die, which screwed up their unspoken agreement that his wife would take care of him, and then he would die, and then she would meet someone new. When Leon lived, his wife went ahead with her part of the plan. Leon says that he even met the other guy and liked him. Lou says that he did the same thing with his wife's new man. They ponder this for a moment, and then Lou says that maybe his marrow is cursed or something. Leon says he never thought of that. Lou asks whether the bone marrow transplant was pretty painful. Leon wonders why Lou wants to know, and Lou says that he thinks he might need one.

Chief and Pete are still talking, but they've had a few drinks. Pete needles Chief to ask him a question, and Chief finally says, "Who's the girl?" (By the way, I would like to thank Sylph and iMissEthan from the forums for pointing out that Pete is played by Neal Jones, who also played Johnny's cousin in Dirty Dancing. You know, the one who helped Baby carry the watermelons? That was driving me crazy.) Anyway, Pete pretends not to know what his father is talking about, but then finally admits that Steve, his partner, is probably more the girl. Chief is relieved to hear it and, emboldened, tries to ask why Pete is gay. Pete says that he was born that way. Chief wonders if it was anything Chief did. Pete repeats that he was born that way, and that it's not Chief's fault. Chief didn't think so. I admire Pete's restraint. He could point out that it's not like being gay is a bad thing, so there's no one to blame. But I guess he's picking his battles here, which is probably smart.

Leon and Lou are still talking at the bar. They've clearly had a few more drinks by now. Leon says that if he could have any bone marrow in the world, he'd want either Lou's or Ellen DeGeneres's. Lou asks why Ellen's, and Leon kind of yells, "I think she's funny!" Hee! That delivery was awesome. Lou says he needs to go, and asks Leon to settle up. Leon pulls out some cash and says that he owes $7.50 and Lou owes the rest. Lou can't believe Leon wants him to pay, and Leon says he only invited Lou out for one drink. Lou gets pissed and reminds Leon about the whole bone marrow thing. Leon says, "Maybe my wife left me because of your marrow, right? Your TAINTED marrow!" Lou starts demanding his marrow back, and grabs Leon's jacket and they tussle. Leon yells, "Stay away from my marrow! This is my marrow now! Jerk!" Hee! Lou tells Leon to go ahead and call the cops, since they weren't around when he needed bone marrow, and then orders Leon to keep his marrow. Leon leaves and Lou tries to settle up the bill. He only has a few dollars, so he leans in to tell the bartender that he's a firefighters. The bartender doesn't seem impressed, so Lou suddenly bolts out of there. I was kind of wondering where this whole bone marrow thing was going, but that scene was hilarious.

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