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Chief and Pete have moved from beer to whiskey. Chief says that when Pete was little, he thought Pete would be "a regular guy," and that they could go to ball games together. Pete says that he likes sports, and that he'd love to go to a game with his dad. Chief says that he spent a lot of time dreaming about how Pete would turn out, and that the reality isn't exactly what he expected. Pete says, "You can hang on to your dream kid from a million years ago, or you can start dealing with me. Start being a father to me." Chief says it's tough to let go of your dreams. Pete says that he had dreams too: "I dream of you saying you're proud of me. I dream of you hugging me like you did when I was little, my nose full of sweat, smoke, and Aqua Velva. And you telling me you love me. I dream of you being interested in my life and wanting to be a part of it." Man, do I feel bad for Pete right now. But it gets worse. Chief suggests that they should both stop dreaming, and Pete angrily wants to know why. Chief says that he wishes he could accept Pete, but that it's a lot. Chief starts crying, his face all red. Pete puts out his hand, and after a moment, his father takes it. Aw.

Keela cries in her bedroom. Franco yells at her that she needs to stop crying. Keela sobs that Franco is mad at her, and Franco says that he is, and that she needs to go to sleep. Keela quiets, and Franco walks over to the couch and picks up the clothes he has dropped there. And his pill bottle is lying underneath. Instead of apologizing to Keela, or comforting her, he just picks up the bottle and stares at it for a minute. He looks kind of regretful, but then he pops a pill and washes it down with a beer as he settles in to watch television.

Tommy's truck pulls up in front of an elementary school. He parks, and then tells Colleen that he feels bad about dragging her into this situation, but that he had no choice. Colleen, whose hair is suddenly a lot redder, says, "Listen. If I'm not back in ten minutes, that means that something's gone wrong. If that happens, I'll grab the kids, go through the side entrance, and cut through the woods behind the school. There's a gas station one block down and two blocks over. Meet me there in fifteen minutes, and make sure you're not followed." Colleen gets out of the truck and Tommy stares after her in appreciation. He sighs, "That's my girl."

Colleen walks into the school office and introduces herself. She says that her siblings forgot to take their medicine this morning, so her mother sent her in with it. The office worker stops to look through a folder as Colleen waits nervously.

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